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ICYMI: Watch the Full Google+ Hangout with Vanderpump Rules Star Tom Sandoval!
You’ve watched his personal life unfold on this CRAZY season of Vanderpump Rules, and you sat by idly as Andy Cohen dug deep into the Tom and Kristen brouhaha, but now it was time for Tom to answer YOUR questions. The Jax and Kristen and Stassi dramz? He gave his real feelings. His relationship with Ariana? He gives us all Read More
Kate Middleton, Prince WIlliam and the Royal Baby
Watch Our Royal Baby Google+ Hangout!
[radar_embed service=youtube src=”” width=”640″ height=”360″] The Royal Baby is here and it’s all we can talk about. So we talked about it some more! Watch: See the first video of William and Kate with the Royal Baby See our Royal Baby Google+ Hangout, where we talked about all the exciting events from the moment she Read More
Reminder: We're Hosting a Google+ Hangout to Talk TV with Fans!
Watching TV is just more fun when you're doing it in a group! It's nice to have people right there with you to discuss the crazy moments, laugh along with the jokes, and analyze the drama. With that in mind, is hosting a TV party tomorrow! OK! Exclusive: Watch our Google+ Hangout with Wendy Read More
Wendy Williams Talks Reese Witherspoon's Arrest
The world was shocked to hear that America's sweetheart Reese Witherspoon was arrested this month, but fans have stood by her side throughout the media frenzy. We asked Wendy Williams' thoughts on the situation and she said, "Has this really damaged Reese's career? I mean for goodness sake…she is solid all-American girl," Wendy continued by adding, "This hasn't affected Read More
Ross Mathews Talks About His Famous Voice
Ross Mathews opened up with in our Google+ Hangout about how his famous voice led to writing Man Up!. While his new book is full of really funny content, Ross explained how he hopes readers pick up on an important theme of self acceptance. "There is a message throughout of loving yourself no matter what," Ross said. "That's how Read More
Happy Birthday, Debby Ryan! Celebrate With Our Favorite Google + Hangout Moment About ...
Happy Birthday, Debby Ryan! Debby is no longer a teenager as of today (she's 20, FYI) so that's pretty huge news. And we here at think we know how Debby is celebrating the big 2-0—by eating lots and lots of cupcakes. Photos: Debby Ryan at the Radio Disney Music Awards Debby told us during Read More
What Happened When Wendy Williams Set Up Her Friends on a Date?
When it comes to matchmaking Wendy Williams says she leaves that job to professionals like Patti Stanger. Why won't she connect her single friends? "I've set up two of what I called very close girlfriends in my life with guys…friends of my husband and both of my friends embarrassed me terribly." For more information on Wendy's thoughts on relationships watch Read More
Wendy Williams on the Farrah Abraham Scandal
Wendy Williams is known for giving great advice, hence her new amazing book Ask Wendy! But when it comes to the Farrah Abraham scandal she says there is little advice to give. "I mean it's too late for advice at this point, she's already doing what she's doing and it's irreversible. She's got a daughter who she's going to have Read More
How Long Did it Take Ross Mathews' to Write His New Book 'Man Up'?
Ross Mathews' gave us the inside scoop on his new book Man Up! in our Google+ Hangout last week. He even shared what the process of writing the book was like! "Every sentence I wanted to pop and it took along time, about two years," Ross explaied. "But that's why I'm so proud of it, I knew if I was Read More
Wendy Williams Has a Theory About Amanda Bynes' Recent Behavior
During our Google+ Hangout with Wendy Williams, we had to get her opinion on Amanda Bynes and her strange recent behavior on Twitter. After all, Wendy's new book is called Ask Wendy, so she's the gal to go to for advice! OK! News: Shenae Grimes got married! Check out the video above to see what Read More
Ross Mathews Talks Jay Leno and Chelsea Handler As Bosses
Ross Mathews has worked for top shows including the Tonight Show and Chelsea Lately. So what was it like to have Jay Leno and Chelsea Handler as bosses? "They're very much night and day people," Ross said. "What they do have in common is like a spirit of generosity, and I know that sounds super cheesy, but both of them Read More
Wendy Williams Spills On Her Recent Weight Loss
  Wendy Williams has lost 20 pounds and looks better than ever! "You know what's interesting, I can wear the same clothes I wore before, including jeans, the only difference is that everything fits better," the talk show host said. Wendy explained how she promised herself last May to take the journey slow and not to suffer Read More
Find Out What Wendy Williams Thinks About Weddings
Weddings are a fantasy many have dreamt about since grade school. Now thanks to tools like Pinterest, most of us already have the day all planned out! Wendy Williams dished in our Google+ Hangout that she however is not a fan of weddings, but loves the idea of marriage. She also told us about her wedding which was a simple ceremony at Read More
Who is in Ross Mathews' Dream Prayer Circle?
Ross Mathews participated in something pretty amazing while working on The Tonight Show—a prayer circle with Madonna and Britney Spears! The comedian shared with us all the details and filled us in on who would be in his dream prayer circle! "Well I need two Justin Timberlake's, so one on each side…Maybe three cause one to look at on the Read More
Ross Mathews Shares His Current Favorite Pop Culture Topic
Have you ever wondered what celebs obsess over in today's pop culture? Ross Mathews revealed in our Google+ Hangout that he is all about Amanda Bynes right now! He explained how he would love to be friends with her, but is wary because he has been burned by stars like her in the past. "There are so many celebrity stories, a Read More
Who Is Ross Mathews' Favorite Celebukid?
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. That's why Hollywood is packed with the most adorable celebrity kids! They're just like their talented and gorgeous parents. Get it? The phrase rings true. So who is your fave celebukid? Is it Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, Suri Cruise? Ross Mathews is a fan of the Smith kids! Because we got Read More
Wondering What Gwyneth Paltrow Smells Like? Ross Mathews Will Let You Know!
Gwyneth Paltrow should just go ahead and make her own line of perfume and name it honeysuckle. That's what Ross Mathews says she smells like, anyway. Gwyneth Paltrow is People's Most Beautiful person, a fantastic actress, and apparently, a sweet-smelling gal. Since Ross and the celeb are besties, (no, they really are) needed to Read More
What Would Ross Mathews Eat For His Last Meal?
Ross wouldn't be reaching for a piece of celery if he had only one last meal to enjoy. The new author would be ordering a slice of delicious pizza. And because it would be his last meal ever, he says he'd dip the little treat in ranch dressing! We brought up the topic of food Read More
What Is Ross Mathews Getting His Mom for Mother's Day?
It's almost Mother's Day, so we had to ask Ross Mathews want he was doing for own mama on the special day. The sweet lady already got a jackpot Mother's Day present from the celeb. He let her take home a ton of clothes—actually, make that every piece of clothing she liked—from a special styling Read More
Ross Mathews Talks About His New Show Coming to E!
Ross Mathews has had talk shows on his mind for longer than you'd think. Being a talk show host wasn't some random thought that popped into his mind while he was trying to pick a college major. The celeb says he has had this career aspiration since he was eight-years-old!  OK! News: Ross Mathews Is Read More