Gleeks are pretty dedicated fans. They watch the show, they download the songs, they come up with endless combo nicknames for all the couples on the show (Klaine, Finchel, et al).

And they vote in the OK! TV Awards! You guys know Glee is the best show around, so click through to vote in all the categories the show is nominated for:

Saddest Breakup—Kurt and Blaine

We're still not over this, and clearly neither is Blaine. I still can't believe the finale ended on a cliffhanger for them!

Best Musical Moment—Blaine sings "Teenage Dream."

Another Klaine moment, and not the last! It's impossible to watch this clip without crying.

TV Bestie—Kurt

Clearly, it's about all Kurt and Blaine. We would love to see a spinoff for these two!

Hottest Newcomer—Jacob AND Marley

Both Jacob and Marley have brought some fresh air to the stage on Glee, and they got even better when they started dating! Between Jacob's moves and Marley's voice, we're obsessed with these cuties.

Craziest Fan Base—Glee

The Gleeks are currently being outnumbered by Supernatural fans. You're not about to let them win, are you?! Get voting!

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