In round white sunglasses, flowy cover-ups and all things floral, Jessica Pare kicked off the Season 6 Mad Men fashion diaries with a vintage and sultry bang.

Let out that big sigh of relief, Don Draper fans. The celebrated series with impeccable style is back. 

Yes, the boys on Madison Ave. handle creative ads and accounts, but the show's leading ladies take vintage fashion and transform each mod outfit into something we all want hanging in our closets right this very second. All Halloween costumes aside, Joan, Betty and Megan are even today's style icons. 

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But we like friendly competition, and only one of these girls can win the Fashion Queen title. Sorry, Megan—being Mrs. Draper won't help you with this game. It's got to be won fair and square. No autographs will be accepted as bribery for the title. 

So who was episode one's Fashion Queen? Just like their personalities, Megan, Joan, and Betty's outfits spanned the style spectrum.

In the first four seasons, Betty rocked a "lovely housewife" equestrian outfit even when preparing macaroni and cheese. Let's face it: Even a preggers Betty Draper could make Grace Kelly jealous. But Betty was masked with coats, hats and scarves during yesterday's episode, blocking any view of her clothing choices. Sorry, Bets. This week, the bets off on you. All we saw is your purse! 

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Everyone's favorite jewel-toned princess, once again, looked stunning in a premiere. Joan Harris, played by Christina Hendricks, is known for her flattering, figure-skimming pencil skirts and shifts. Joan never has an off day and has kept the same fashion identity since Season One. Joan posed for pictures in a purple blouse and vest. We didn't get to see her in much more, but the one outfit beats out Betty's winter wear. Even though it's winter in Mad Men world, it's spring in New York City now, and we want color. 

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You've got the ring, Megan. And to top off all your new TV glory, you've got the title of Mad Men Fashion Queen. 

Megan's style has greatly evolved since she "donned" the name Draper. Notice a 70s vibe? We did too. It's getting to be around that time, and Megan is using it to her advantage. In Hawaii, Megan played the tropical card right. Her cover-ups were super tasteful and in prints that we'd have no problem wearing today. At her fondue party, she wore an elegant cut-out greyish green maxi dress that had a belt-cinched waist. The topper was the voluminous hair. It's about time one of these gals plays with hair height! 

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If it's not obvious enough already, we're totally crushin' on Jessica Pare's opening ensembles. Will she keep it up? With Don seeing another lady on the side, we hope it doesn't affect the way she puts together an outfit or a dinner party! 

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Congrats, Megs. You've got the title this week. But can you keep it up? We think little Sally Draper might give you a run for your money.

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