If it's good enough for The Kardashians and the Teen Moms, it's good enough for us! We follow along with Chelsea Houska, Maci Bookout, Jenelle Evans, Kail Lowry and all the Teen Mom gals on Twitter, Sulia and Instagram and now? We're getting the most adorable snippets into their lives off the MTV cameras via the videos they post on Keek.

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We've picked the cutest and funniest (yes, these were hard decisions, a lot of cuteness to choose from!) Keeks and gathered them right here for ya! Wanna watch? Check 'em out below!

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Chelsea HouskaThere is just no such thing as too much Aubree. We cannot get enough of this teeny tiny little lady with the cutest raspy voice ever. "What's their names?!" AH, she makes us melt. Heart Aubs so much.

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Kailyn LowrySorry, we've been busy soaking up Isaac's cuteness all day, but how freakin' cute is he? Oh, and not to mention borderline genius…not only does he know his own birthday but he knows his mama's too? We're impressed.

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Chelsea HouskaStep aside, Carly Rae Jepsen, Aubs just schooled you in the cutest rendition of "Call Me Maybe" ever. Did you hear the way she held those notes? Future pop star in the making!

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Kailyn LowryWhile Javi is away doing his Air Forcely duties, Kail and him snuck a moment to be adorable, and to give us a front row seat to Javi's gun show….Check it!

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Maci BookoutLet's start off by saying how freakin' much we miss seeing Maci and Bentley on TV. Okay, now that that's out there, let's discuss how BIG Bentley got! He is so into this game, but actually has "no idea."

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Jenelle EvansMove over, Paula Deen, Babs is the hottest new chef in town. Jenelle posted this hilarious Keek of her famously hilarious mom, Barbara, making "dough boys." Babs might be the greatest mom ever.

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Maci BookoutOkay, there's a few things we love about this: 1. Bentley just throwing it in Ryan's face telling the camera he's "kickin' Daddy's tail" and 2. Maci and Ryan hanging out. Okay, fine, we're still not over the fact that they're not together anymore, but they're hanging out and how cool is that for Benny?!

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How cute and funny are these Teen Mom Keeks? Do you like seeing the girls and the kids when they're not behind the MTV cameras? We want to know what you think in the comments or tweet us @OKMagazine  or write on our Teen Mom Facebook page and tell us all about it!


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