Welcome to the MTV Movie Awards! It’s a fun night full of celebrities and peeks at the big movies of the summer, and we’re live-blogging it all for you right here. Follow along, and be sure to comment and tweet your thoughts about the show at @OKMagazine.

11:08pm MTV is a world in which Catching Fire wins movie of the year, and its stars win both acting awards. It was a bit more enjoyable than 12 Years a Slave, true. Congrats, JLaw and JHutch!

Jennifer Lawrence was highly missed tonight. Watch this video of her snuggling with David Letterman to feel better.

11:06pm Do you think Johnny Depp and Amber Heard share accessories?

10:56pm Ellie Goulding looks ethereal and gorgeous (and breast-y).

10:54pm Doesn’t it feel like The Amazing Spider-man Two has been coming out for months?

Watch a teaser from the movie here.

10:50pm Hey, where is Conan? He is missed.

10:45pm Mark says this is the “you’re too f*cking old” award. Don’t be so tough on yourself, man.

Mark Wahlberg has some words of advice for Justin Bieber and One Direction. See them here.

10:41pm Another montage. Mark Wahlberg is getting a lifetime achievement award!

10:38pm Orlando Bloom wins best fight! Gosh, he is so cute.

10:31pm Oh, a Paul Walker tribute. So very sad.

See the tribute video his Fast & Furious coworkers made for Paul.

10:27pm Leslie Mann, Cameron Diaz, Nicki Minaj, and Kate Upton are making us blush. But they all look very pretty!

See Kate Upton’s hottest pics here!

10:18pm This dorky kid has a suave British accent! Who knew.

10:15pm Okay, Dave Franco-Seth Rogen-Zac Efron. Whom would you make out with, marry, kill?

10:10pm Rihanna and Eminem performance time! Is Eminem lip-syncing this obviously?

In case you missed it: Rihanna kissed Drake. In public. There are photos.

rihanna mtv movie awards

10:05pm Okay, Mad Men has officially begun on another channel. Temptation, temptation…

10:04pm Chan Chan, love you but you’re looking a little orange. Step back from the spray tan.

10:02pm “What’s a more trailblazing experience than a f*cking gorgeous man becoming a movie star?” asks Jonah Hill. We LOLed.

9:59pm It’s Channing Tatum time!! We would happily just watch two hours of a Channing Tatum montage.

Here are 5 things you definitely did not know about Channing.

9:51pm Rita Ora just forcibly removed Zac Efron’s shirt when he won best shirtless performance. Someone give that girl a medal.

9:48pm Jessica Alba’s outfit is the fashion embodiment of spring. Must have it. Gotta have it.

9:41pm Mila Kunis won for best villain, and she looked so pregnant! Her cheeks were rounder than usual.

See the first red-carpet pic of Mila Kunis’ baby bump.

9:38pm Even Conan O’Brien wants the show to move along. Eeep!

9:31pm Whoops, Chris Pratt does not have a microphone. Lot of technical difficulties tonight.

9:28pm This performance by Twenty One Pilots is the kind of thing that makes parents hate MTV.

9:25pm Jonah Hill won for best comedic performance! And the C word was used in his clip, so that’s gotta be a first, right?

Here are five things you don’t know about Jonah Hill.

9:23pm Oh, poor Amanda Seyfried. And us. Is it supposed to be ironic that they’re bad at being funny in a speech about how hard it is to be funny?

9:13pm Lupita Nyong’o’s dress looks like a Dylan’s Candy Bar blew up on her. She’s lucky she’s so beautiful and talented and smart and funny.

See all of Lupita’s most gorgeous red-carpet looks here.

lupita nyongo mtv movie awards

9:10pm Conan is right, this stage is very satanic.

9:06pm Step aside Stephen Colbert, David Letterman, Jimmy Fallon, Jay Leno, Seth Meyers. Conan O’Brien forever.

9:02pm Loving all of these cameos. Taylor Swift is actually really funny, and that haircut is adorbs.

9:01pm The show has begun! Conan O’Brien is here and we feel safe and happy.

Check out Conan O’Brien’s funniest moments.

8:59pm That scene was perfect! Ansel Elgort makes for a pretty great Augustus Waters.

8:58pm The Fault in Our Stars clip! Prepare the tissues.

8:55pm Nicki Minaj looks like an icy glamour queen. Wacky, colorful, and loud is usually her thing, but the sexy, sleek look really works for her.

Also really sexy: Nicki Minaj’s mostly naked Instagram. See her steamiest pics here.

8:50pm Wait, he mentioned a girlfriend. Not cool, Miles.

Here are some hot photos of Miles Teller to cushion the blow.

8:49pm YES. YES. YES. Miles Teller is here and talking about kissing. Feeling dizzy.

8:43pm Why is Emile Hirsch pants-less? (Also, Emile Hirsch should always be pants-less).

Remember when Emile Hirsch was a sexy criminal in Bonnie & Clyde? Watch the trailer here.

8:37pm Anthony Mackie is here! And so, so dreamy. Fan-girling harder than Zendaya.

8:31pm Puppies and Tyler Posey. Which is cuter?

8:30pm Oops, there’s no sound. We can’t hear you, Zendaya!

Zendaya is working on a new show for Disney. She talked about it with us here!




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