The Duggar’s Thanksgiving was one for the books as the ever-growing clan came together in record numbers to celebrate the American holiday. However, not everyone was happy with the family’s guest list.

“Oh my gosh it’s Josh,” one fan reacted after seeing a picture of Josh Duggar, his wife, Anna, and their kids in the annual Duggar family Thanksgiving photo.

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As OK! readers’ know, Josh and Anna stepped away from the public eye after Josh’s infamous molestation and sex scandal. Back in 2015, an uncovered a police report exposed that the reality star was accused of molesting five girls, including at least two of his own sisters, as a teen. News also broke that Josh had been cheating on his wife.

“Can’t believe you still let those children near josh. Ugh. Absolutely disgusting,” a second fan commented.

However, not every fan was as worried about Josh’s presence as much as they were concerned about the absence of another Duggar.

“Where’s Joy and Austin,” dozens of fans commented.

While the newlywed’s whereabouts have not been confirmed, fans had a few theories about Joy and Austin’s absence for the Duggar’s holiday festivities.

“Joy is probably 9 [months] pregnant and they didn’t want her in pic. So obvious….,” one fan wrote, referencing the shotgun wedding rumors that have plagued Joy’s marriage since her August baby announcement (she announced her pregnancy just three months after tying the knot).

However, another fan wrote, “Joy is missing! Probably spending Thanksgiving with Austin’s family.”

What do you think about Josh spending Thanksgiving with his family? And why do you think Joy-Anna didn’t celebrate the holiday with her family? Sound off in the comments!

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