Marilyn Manson paid tribute to Paris Jackson, one day after the teen's suicide attempt—and he did it in his usual shock rock style.

As previously revealed, Paris, 15, was rushed to hospital Wednesday after swallowing 20 Motrin pills and slashing her arm with a kitchen knife.

US Weekly reported that one of the contributing factors to Jackson wanting to end her life was not being allowed to attend a Manson concert, and the 44-year-old dedicated the song, Disposable Teens, to his troubled fan during Thursday's performance.

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"This song is for Paris Jackson," Manson said before launching into the track, which is about a teenager angry with society.

"And I'm a black rainbow," the song goes. "And I'm an ape of god. I've got a face that's made for violence upon. And I'm a teen distortion. Survived abortion. A rebel from the waist down."

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Manson then proceeded to simulate slashing his arm with a large kitchen knife, an eery echo of Jackson's action.

Before taking to the stage Manson tweeted Paris, "I hope you feel better. You will be on my guest list anytime you want."

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