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Chris Brown, Drake, and Rihanna have been engaged in a bit of a love triangle for the last few years. Rihanna obviously has a fraught past with on-again, off-again boyfriend Chris, while she had a little dalliance with Drake. The jealousy sparked a vicious bar fight back in June 2012, but now they seem like old pals. What happened?

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At the end of the day, Chris and Drake are both musicians. And while a lady was tearing them apart (typical!), it looks like music is uniting them again. A friend posted the following pic of Chris and Drake in the studio. They are both drinking from red cups, and Chris seems extremely caught up in whatever is playing.

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Drake has teased that he will release a new album in spring 2015, and Chris released a new single just last week. Wonder how long it’ll take before we hear this collaboration? Stay tuned!

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