Well well well. Who knew that last night's Girls season 2 finale would have a rom-com ending? Certainly not us here at OK!. But regardless, the episode was full of sex, full of snark and full of surprises, as per youge, and we have a few feelings based on what went down last night.

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Keep scrolling to see what each of the Girls' fans here at OK! hope for each of the four main characters in season 3 when it comes to the important things in life like relationships, jobs, and hairdos, and then, for the fun part, tell us what your predictions are for Hannah, Marnie, Shosh, and Jessa next season. Ready? Go…

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Lauren Brown, Site Director: Jessa? She can come back . . . but only if she reconciles with Chris O'Dowd who had some of the funniest lines this season. And I personally just don't think that Marnie and Charlie belong together and am not into a happily ever after from them. I'm also fairly confident that the new "power shift" in their relationship is not going to be okay with Marnie. So I guess I want to see them broken up in season 3 — for good. 

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Kelli Acciardo, Deputy Editor: I want Shoshanna to continue to embrace her newly found womanhood through her ever-changing hairstyles. Seriously, she has been on a roll lately! From extreme side braids and girly pigtails to fascinator hats and doughnut buns—she's pretty much been there, done that. Can't wait to see what she'll try in season three!

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Haley Longman, Entertainment Editor: I predict, wait no, I KNOW that this Marnie and Charlie thing just isn't going to last. All of a sudden he's loaded and successful so she wants him back? Um, no. I agree with Shosh for dumping Ray since he's essentially a 33-year-old who's homeless and works at a coffee shop so you can't blame the girl, but I do have a feeling that she'll whore herself out a little bit and then go back to him mid-season 3 when she realizes how great he was in retrospect. As for Hannah? Oy. Someone just hide the Q-tips and the scissors from her and I think she'll be okay.

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Emily Kanoff, Social Media Editor: Next season, Hannah will have gotten her hair professionally trimmed and shaped into a respectable 'do. Adam is now her boyfriend and the stability he provides will make her obsessive compulsive tendencies subside. She loses her book deal but is determined to self-publish a memoir called Girls. And Shoshanna will chill out a little bit. She's older and wiser having just come out of her first big relationship. She'll meet lots of guys, maybe go through a bit of a slutty phase and trade in her intricate daily up-dos for an ombre beach-wave look.

Alannah Scharfenberger, Contributing Writer: I'm going to attempt to ignore the frustrations of Hannah's out-of-nowhere crazed mental-condition and Adam's overall sexual weirdness. I am totally rooting for Marnie and Charlie. Sure he's a kajillionare now and she's hooked up with one too many freaks, but in some weird way, they are perfect for each other. I'm pretty sure that brunch run-out-fall-back-in-love scene was basically a deleted scene from The Notebook. #love. PS, still crying over Ray and Shosh. 

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