Congratulations to DeAnna Pappas Stagliano and hubby Stephen on the birth of their first child, a baby girl, who made her way into the world Thursday.

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“I am most excited about the mother-and-daughter bond that women share,” the former Bachelorette, 31, tells me. “My mom passed away when I was so young that I feel like I missed out on so much of that relationship, so I am most excited to share that with my own daughter.”

Although they haven’t released a name for the baby yet, it has been chosen.

“We wanted to keep a few things between our family for the time being,” she says.

Now the little one is comfy and cozy in her Carousel Designs nursery.

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“I wanted the nursery to have a vintage yet girly feel without being too overwhelming with pink colors,” she says. “I’m not an overly girly-girl, so I didn’t want the nursery to be like that either. Stephen and I decided on colors and then with the help of Carousel Designs, we were able to choose the theme. It was such a blast and an easy process working with them. We love their bedding designs!”

Up until last week’s delivery, Stephen was an attentive hubby during the pregnancy, putting lotion on Deanna’s legs and feet when she could no longer reach them, and putting on and taking off her shoes.

As for the best parenting advice the new parents have received?

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“The best advice I’ve gotten so far is to hear other parents suggestions but, in the end, to do what is best for Stephen and myself,” she says. “Everyone is very quick to tell you what they think and which diapers you should use, but this is about Stephen and I and what is best for our family. We appreciate the advice and will take what we can and make decisions on our own.”

Will there be more babies?

“We definitely want more children—ideally three,” she says.

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