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Celebrity: Blue Valentine

Oscar Nomination Surprises: Javier Bardem For Best Actor; 'Winter's Bone' Earns Four
The 2011 Oscar nominations was filled with some shocking snubs, but there were also a few surprises.
Ryan Gosling on 'Blue Valentine': "The Sex Felt Real"
Ryan Gosling is ecstatic that his film Blue Valentine was switched from NC-17 to R. In fact, Ryan says the only reason why there was a debate in the first place about the sex scene in the film is because he and Michelle are just really good at their jobs!
Ryan Gosling on 'The Notebook': "We Hold Ourselves to Unreasonable Standards"
Behind every great chick flick there’s a man rolling his eyes. And behind one of the greatest, The Notebook, there’s the star Ryan Gosling suggesting the film set “unreasonable standards” when it comes to relationships.
Michelle Wiliams Replaces Ryan Gosling at 'Blue Valentine' Screening
Without her good friend and co-star Ryan Gosling by her side, Michelle Williams had to turn to her director Derek Cianfrance instead at the Cinema Society & Piaget screening on Blue Valentine in NYC. Usually Ryan is right by Michelle’s side, but Derek was happy to fill in for him! But Michelle also found a Read More
VIDEO: Ryan Gosling Gets Into His Own Meme
Much like Paul Rudd, Ryan Gosling can do no wrong in our eyes. So many people feel the same way, that there is a popular Tumblr blog devoted entirely to Ryan and the way he just gets each and every girl. Ryan collided with his own “Hey girl…” meme recently while talking to MTV News.
Ryan Gosling Says He's 'Over the Moon' on 'Blue Valentine' Rating Change
The MPAA changed the NC-17 rating on the film Blue Valentine yesterday to be R instead after Ryan Gosling, and many others involved in the project, expressed their anger. But now there won’t be a grumpy Gosling to deal with as Ryan says he’s “over the moon!”
Good News, Ryan Gosling! MPAA Grants 'Blue Valentine' an R Rating!
Ryan Gosling was extremely upset that his film, Blue Valentine, was given an NC-17 rating for a graphic sex scene when Black Swan, which features a similar scene was given an R rating. Well, his complaint’s have been heard and now the NC-17 rating has been overturned!
Ryan Gosling Calls 'Blue Valentine' a "Cautionary Tale" About Marr...
At the Blue Valentine premiere last night at the Museum of Modern Art hosted by Quintessentially and Stoli, star Ryan Gosling told reporters that the film hasn’t scared him away from marriage! “No, I think it’s a cautionary tale to see this movie; it gives you a heads up, what to watch out for,” he Read More
Michelle Williams & Ryan Gosling Stick Close at 'Blue Valentine' NYC Pre...
Co-stars have to stick together! Ryan Gosling totally had Michelle Williams‘ back as they walked down the theater aisle last night at the NYC premiere of Blue Valentine, hosted by Quintessentially and held at The Museum of Modern Art. Michelle’s velvety dress bow even seemed to coordinate with Ryan’s suit jacket!
Ryan Gosling & Michelle Williams Hold Tight
Finally! It seems like forever (or just a few months) since we’ve seen Blue Valentine stars Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling together at an event! Last night the co-stars attended a special screening of their movie, hosted by producer Jane Rosenthal and Robert DeNiro at Tribeca Grill Loft in NYC, and they appeared as close Read More
Michelle Williams & Kate Winslet Are New BFFs at 'Blue Valentine'
Hold up: Michelle Williams and Kate Winslet hanging out together and (we like to think) totally being best friends and gabbing about kids and work and Oscar nominations and whathaveyou? Totally amazing. The two starlets, along with director Derek Cianfrance, posed for pics at a private screening of Blue Valentine, hosted by Kate, held at Read More
'Blue Valentine' Director Derek Cianfrance Says it was a "Dream" Working with Ryan Gos...
On Thursday night, OK! talked to Derek Cianfrance at FINCA’s 25th Anniversary Gala honoring Natalie Portman as their Ambassador of Hope for the Creating Pathways Out of Poverty event. Derek dished about all the details of his latest project, Blue Valentine, starring Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling.
Michelle Williams is Lacy & Lovely in London
Stop it, Michelle Williams, just stop being so dang perfect and adorable all the time! You’re making it really hard for the rest of the world to live up to such cuteness and style! Michelle brought out a lovely lace dress and rocked a swept back hairdo for the Blue Valentine premiere during the 54th Read More
'Blue Valentine' to Appeal NC-17 Rating
Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams‘ upcoming film Blue Valentine has received an NC-17 rating by the MPAA and fans are outraged, but the Weinstein Co. says they will appeal it!
Ryan Gosling Greets Fans With a Gorgeous Grin
Even if the title of his newest flick, Blue Valentine, invokes sadness and gloom just by its name, Ryan Gosling was far from melancholy on the film’s red carpet premiere at the  35th Toronto International Film Festival last night. Ryan posed with fans, smiling and waving at all the lucky crowd assembled at the Ryerson Read More
Michelle & Ryan Talk "Toxic" & "Messy" Sex Scene
In the new issue of W magazine, Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling open up about the long hours and hard work they put into their new film, Blue Valentine, and the “toxic” and “messy” sex scene involved.