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All Hail Queen Bey! Beyonce Releases a Surprise Full Album

Praise Bey-zus. Just when you could not fathom Beyonce being any more perfect—the tour, the songs, the baby, the husband, the heavenly aura—she blows even more minds by releasing a completely new, previously unannounced album in the middle of the night.

Courtesy of Tumblr

Courtesy of Tumblr

Her fifth album, titled only Beyonce, is now available exclusively on iTunes. But wait, it gets bigger. There are 32 new songs. Wait, crazier. It features collaborations with Jay-z, Drake, Frank Ocean, Justin Timberlake, Pharrell, and freakin’ Blue Ivy Carter herself. You got it, there’s even more. She recorded music videos to go with most of the songs, calling it a “visual album.”

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Some highlights: There’s a song called “Yonce” whose video features her getting super friendly with models Joan Smalls and Chanel Iman. There’s a song called “Blue” featuring Blue Ivy on vocals and Blue Ivy in the video. There’s hot hot sexy something called “Drunk in Love” featuring her husband. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Courtesy of Tumblr

Courtesy of Tumblr

Where do we even begin, Beyonce? How could she record an entire album when she’s been on tour with the Mrs. Carter Show? How could she keep these enormous collaborations a secret? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @OKMagazine.

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