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Bride Wars

How to Live Like Anne Hathaway!
How to Live Like Kate Hudson!
Casey Wilson on Bride Wars
This week, I tried to get back on the healthy track. (You never know when The Biggest Loser‘s Jillian Michaels will pop by the office!) With limited cooking skills and even less sense of portion control, I turned to …
Kate Hudson ‘Channels’ Mom, Goldie
Hollywood writers historically hate “hands-on” producers, but Bride Wars co-author Casey Wilson loved boss/star Kate Hudson’s input in the movie. “She was channeling (her mom), Goldie Hawn, in a way she never has,” says Wilson, a Saturday Night Live…
Kate Hudson: Second Trip Down the Aisle?
Kate Hudson has already been married once, and been divorced in a high-profile split from ex Chris Robinson. But even that very public experience in matrimony hasn’t made her anti-marriage – in fact, her own time as a wedded …
Kate & Anne Talk Weddings
Kate Hudson enjoyed a shortlived marriage to rocker Chris Robinson (they split after six years in 2006) while Anne Hathaway’s ex-boyfriend, con man Raffaello Follieri, is currently in jail for fraud. But has that dented the Bride Wars…
Kate Hudson: Single and Loving It!
Kate Hudson won’t be cozying up with anyone special this holiday season. In fact, the Bride Wars star says she’s just fine with her party-of-one status. "I’m actually enjoying being single right now because I really never have been," Hudson …
Kate Hudson: "I Don't Know if I'll Marry Again"
In her new film Bride Wars, Kate Hudson plays a young woman who’s life becomes totally obsessed with planning her perfect wedding. But in real life, the actress, 28, says she’s a little more gun shy. "I don’t know …
Kate Hudson's Cellular Love
Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong‘s whirlwind romance has taken them to Cannes and Monaco and, most recently, New York City, where it was clear the lovebirds were still heating things up! The actress spent three days nesting at her …
Kate & Anne's On-Set War
    It’s war between Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway! The two play rival brides in the upcoming Bride Wars and their cinematic feud has translated to real life (minus the “bride”). “Kate and Anne can’t seem to get …