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Watch Our LIVE Google + Hangout with YouTube Stars Megan And Liz!
Did you catch our EXCLUSIVE and LIVE Google + Hangout with Megan & Liz? It was amazing, and the girls answered tons of great fan Twitter questions from their foray into country music to the type of animal they’d want to be. And if you missed it or if you just want to relive those Read More
WATCH Our Google + Hangout with Kailyn Lowry from Teen Mom 2!
Here at, there’s no such thing as too much Teen Mom. And even though Teen Mom 2‘s fifth season just ended, we’re keeping the momentum going with an EXCLUSIVE and LIVE Google + Hangout with MTV’s very own Kailyn Lowry! And you can watch it here: OK! Exclusive: Kailyn Lowry Opens Up About Her Abortion at 16 Read More
ICYMI: Watch the Full Google+ Hangout with Vanderpump Rules Star Tom Sandoval!
You’ve watched his personal life unfold on this CRAZY season of Vanderpump Rules, and you sat by idly as Andy Cohen dug deep into the Tom and Kristen brouhaha, but now it was time for Tom to answer YOUR questions. The Jax and Kristen and Stassi dramz? He gave his real feelings. His relationship with Ariana? He gives us all Read More
We're Having A LIVE Boy Meets World Cast Reunion on NOW!
From weddings to reboots, it’s a huge year for the cast of Boy Meets World. And lucky for all us, we’ve locked down two very special cast members to talk all things BMW in a LIVE Google+ Hangout TODAY Monday, Oct. 28 at 1 pm EST! (Hint Hint: You can RSVP below!) OK! News: Danielle Fishel and Read More
Tia Mowry-Hardrict Reveals Her One Quick Tip For Eating Healthier
We all know by now that Tia Mowry-Hardrict recently became a vegan, which basically makes her a healthy food expert. So during our Google+ hangout with Tia last week, we asked her how us regular folk can easily and quickly make our diets healthier if going vegan isn't our thing.  Watch: Tia Reveals The Nickname Read More
OK!'s Google+ Hangout Hub: The Deets on the Debby Ryan, Brandi Glanville and Danielle ...
Want to relieve all the magic that happened during OK! Google+ Hangout Week? Whether it was Disney's Debby Ryan filling all her fans in on her fave cupcake flavor, Danielle sharing some deets on Girl Meets World, or Brandi chatting about her best-selling page-turner, OK! loved every single minute of it.  Live it and love it again Read More
OK!'s Google+ Hangout Rewind: Danielle Fishel Gives 'Girl Meets World' Update
When OK! and Danielle Fishel chatted during the first ever OK! Google+ Hangout Week, Danielle was actually sitting in her dressing room on the Girl Meets World set.  The Google+ Hangout commenced, and we dove right into asking questions about this exciting new series. We found out that there is a lot to look forward Read More
OK!'s Google+ Hangout Rewind: Danielle Talks About 'Boy Meets World' Life Lessons
Mr. Feeny was all about giving good advice. The man was a genius who was jam-packed with valuable lessons to teach and quotes to share. Whether it was helping them with their studies or guiding them through relationship issues, Mr. Feeny knew what to say and do.  During the OK! Google+ Hangout, Danielle got to Read More
OK!'s Google+ Hangout Rewind: Danielle Fishel Talks About Her Beauty Routine
Danielle Fishel is one of those girls who always looks flawless. Her beauty shines inside and out! Like Rachel from Friends, Topanga's hair was the style to have. And with Girl Meets World in the works, her 'do is sure to make a strong comeback. Those voluminous locks were out of this world.  When the Read More
OK!'s Google+ Hangout Rewind: Is There Competition Between LeAnn and Brandi?
Did you see our Google+ Hangout with Brandi Glanville? On Wendesday, March 20th, was super busy prepping for the Brandi Glanville live chat. Before the chat premiered on-air, the OK! hit up Inglot Studios’ hair and makeup chair and got pretty for the big event. It’s important to look your best before a Real Housewives Read More
OK!'s Google+ Hangout Rewind: What Are Brandi's Dating Rules?
If you’re a musician, actor or athlete are are thinking about asking Brandi Glanville out on a hot date, you’ll have to try extra hard. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has been set up on dates with potential bachelors by Yolanda but still thinks there is a certain awkwardness to the “friend’s of Read More
OK!'s Google+ Hangout Rewind: What's the Biggest Misconception About Brandi?
First impressions aren't always right.  Brandi Glanville has her moments on TV, but the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star says she hates when people misconceive her for being stupid or a mean-spirited person. The best-selling author opened up about her dislike of "back-handed compliments" and much more during the OK! Google+ Hangout on Wednesday, Read More
OK!'s Google+ Hangout Rewind: What Celeb Actors Did Danielle Fishel Hang With?
Celebrity child stars get to hang out with the coolest and hottest celebs. There for a while, Danielle Fishel was filming her Boy Meets World episodes with Larisa Oleynik, Marcia Cross and Adam Scott.  When she was younger, Danielle says the casts of Home Improvement, Boy Meets World hung out. Get this—they had PE together. Danielle says an Read More
OK!'s Google+ Hangout Rewind: Danielle Fishel's Favorite Reality TV Shows
Here at OK!, we are not ashamed to admit that we like to watch TV. Actually, we kind of love it. Between our Teen Mom coverage and Real Housewives obsession, watching TV is more of a hobby.  So when Danielle Fishel took a break on set of Girl Meets World and chatted with us in Read More
OK!'s Google+ Hangout Rewind: Danielle Fishel Says She Is a Zac Efron Fan
Wait, this is the second celeb this week that had admitted their fondness for the Hollywood hunk. During a different OK! Google+ Hangout, Brandi Glanville admitted having a little crush on him. We've said it before, ladies. This is not really a shocker. He's gorgeous.  Do you think the producers of Girl Meets World could Read More
OK!'s Google+ Hangout Rewind: Danielle Fishel on Her Fave Boy Meets World Episode and ...
No matter how awkward or how long ago it took place, the memory of your first kiss isn't hard to forget—although sometimes all we want to do is forget about it!  Danielle Fishel's is one that changed her life! Topanga's first kiss with her longtime boyfriend and then-husband was actually Danielle Fishel's first kiss EVER. Yes, Read More
OK!'s Google+ Hangout Rewind: Danielle Fishel Introduces the Girls of 'Girl Meets Worl...
TGIF! Why? Because today was the OK! Google+ Hangout with Danielle Fishel! Did you find time to fit this gem in your schedule? It was the event we've all been waiting for—and we are tickled to announce that it was a major Google+ Hangout moment.  Prepare to be amazed by the cutest (and we literally Read More
OK!'s Google+ Hangout Rewind: What Does Brandi Think About Faye?
A real Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fan knows that Brandi Glanville and Faye Resnick's personalities tend to clash. The clatter was broadcasted all over the realty TV sphere on Monday night when Brandi and Faye really got into an awkward situation. Should Faye have stayed out of Brandi's private convo? We'll let you decide.  Read More
OK!'s Google+ Hangout Rewind: Brandi Talks About Her Friendship with Lisa Vanderpump a...
The Real Housewives series makes it difficult to distinguish which friendships are real and which are stunts for the camera to eat up. The same goes for fights.  Viewers know that Brandi Glanville and Paul Nassif got into a sizable broil, but the "I'm Sorry" statements aren't always displayed for the public's eye. How are we Read More
OK!'s Google+ Hangout Rewind: What Does Brandi Like About 'The Real Housewives of Beve...
Brandi is a new author and can throw the Real Housewives series a little credit. Without the juicy reality series that rules our DVRs, Brandi says she wouldn't have had gained the audience she needed to publish a book. It gave her the perfect "platform."  But the series also brings some not-so-happy moments into her Read More