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Lauren Graham

Watch What Happens Live! Weekly Roundup: When Andy's On The Wagon
You'd think that with Andy Cohen sober this week, Watch What Happens Live! would be a downer and enthusiasm would be at an all time low. But wouldntchaknow, Andy doesn't need uppers to keep spirits up in the clubhouse. With guests like Don Cheadle & Kareem Abdul Jabbar, "Queen of Versailles" star Jacqueline Siegel & Alexis Bellino, Carly Rae Jepsen & Kandi Burress, Rachel Maddow & Lil Jon and Lauren Graham & Kal Penn, we Read More
Lauren Graham on the Rumored 'Gilmore Girls' Movie!
Gilmore Girls fans have been buzzing with hopes of a comeback film after the great success of the recent Veronica Mars campaign. Lauren Graham explained to Andy Cohen this week on Watch What Happens Live that she is just as curious to know the answer. Lauren said the decision is up to the show's original director, Read More
OK! Old School: Is 'Gilmore Girls' Becoming a Movie Like 'Veronica Mars'? See What the...
  If Gilmore Girls fans get their way, Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Melissa McCarthy, and other stars of the show will be returning to Stars Hollow, Connecticut! Photos: Check out the Stars at SXSW Their inspiration? As reported, Kristen Bell will reprise her role in the movie version of Veronica Mars thanks to Rob Read More