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Real World

Watch An Exclusive Promo Of MTV's New Culinary Reality Show, House Of Food
Move over Real World! Move over Top Chef! There’s a new badass reality show in town! With elements of both shows on display (eight strangers…picked to live in a house…and compete in a series of culinary competitions), there’s little chance these contestants will leave their drama in the kitchen. So what’s so great about 8 Read More
Jay and Jenna From Real World: Ex-Plosion On Their Housemates' Love Triangles: &q...
Throughout the entire season of Real World: Ex-plosion, we’ve cried, screamed, gasped, and every other fitting verb as we’ve watched the two love triangles in action—the Jamie/Tom/Hailey love triangle, and the Cory/Jenny/Brian love triangle. And us fans probably have our own opinions on which one looks like it sucked more, but what was it like Read More
Jay and Jenna Reveal Which Celebrity Exes They'd Want To Live With In The Real World: ...
We’ve seen the housemates exes’ move in on this season of Real World: Ex-plosion, but what if this season was celebrity themed and had famous former couples moving in with each other? We got Jay and Jenna to tell us whether or not they’d want to live in the Real World house in San Francisco Read More