I have believed for a long, long time that we can't trust all the core four "liars" on Pretty Little Liars. We were shocked when Mona was revealed to be on the "A" team. We were devastated when we found out that Toby was a part of team black hoodie too. Was I only the only one who felt punched in the gut during the first reveal of this at the end of last season?

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But it was always my TV intuition that told me either Aria, Hanna, Emily or Spencer were involved on the "A" team too. My money was always on Spencer. She's the brains of the bunch and she just always seems to know things. But when she discovered Toby's secret then found him to be dead and then ended up in the dreaded Radley herself, I thought, no way. Who wants to go to a mental institution?

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My answer? Someone really smart. Someone who knows she'll never be suspected of double crossing her friends there. Someone like Spencer.

Sigh, but I still refuse to totally buy into my own theory. Here's the questions racing through my mind this morning.

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1. Why does Spencer have a black hoodie and two tickets to that creepiest show on Earth? Did that affable orderly Eddie Lamb give that to her? Is HE on the "A" team too?

2. Was that REALLY Toby's body in the morgue? The tattoo looked a little smudged if you ask me. And we still have not seen a face!

3. How much you wanna bet that neither CeCe, Mona or Melissa is the girl in the red cape? Could it be Spencer?

4. Back to Toby. Where is he? I really don't think he is dead. Why is he hiding?

5. Seriously, what is with Ali being able to appear (in perfect hair and make-up) from beyond the grave to drop hints, offer clues and even dance with the girls? I'm beginning to think Ali's "death" could be the biggest lie of them all . . .

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Okay, your turn. Would love to hear your theories and what kept you up after last night's episode too! Let me know in the comments section or tweet me at @LBAuthor and @OKMagazine!

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