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Charlie Sheen Dishes About HBO Deal After CBS Discontinues Show, Calls Producer "Littl...
Charlie, Charlie, Charlie. Just yesterday we wrote about Charlie Sheen’s rants and it doesn’t look like he’ll quiet down any time soon. After reacting to the decision to suspend Two and a Half Men for the remainder of the season, he opened up about an upcoming deal with HBO. Although Charlie’s currently the highest paid Read More
Charlie Sheen Rant: Actor Defends Calling Chuck Lorre 'Haim Levine'
Charlie Sheen has been attacking Two and Half Men creator Chuck Lorre, and while he really might despise his former friend right now, he wants everyone to know he is not an anit-semite and released yet another statement explaining why he kept referring to Chuck as Haim (Chaim) Levine, his Hebrew birth name. 
Haim Levine: Inside Charle Sheen's Anti-Semitic Rant
Charlie Sheen‘s smackdown of his former friend Chuck Lorre goes beyond being an insensitive jab. Charlie not only called the Two and a Half Men creator a “turd” and a”maggot” but also continued to call Chuck, “Haim Levine” (or Chaim Levine), an anti-semitic slur.
'Two and a Half Men' Cancelled? Chuck Lorre Tones Down Vanity Cards Amid Charlie Sheen...
Two and a Half Men is not the only Chuck Lorre creation being postponed. The producer also announced that he would be “taking a break” from the humorous vanity cards he displays at the end of each of his hit sitcoms, an announcement arriving amid the current Charlie Sheen pandemonium. 
Charlie Sheen "So Excited" for Twins
The stars of Two and a Half Men, Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer stepped out on Thursday to honor the show’s creator, writer and producer, Chuck Lorre, who was being presented with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Today was also a big day for Sheen, who left his very pregnant (with twins!) Read More