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Celebrity: Peter Cook

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Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook's Custody War Rages On
It looks like this nasty custody case isn't going to get nicer any time soon. Christie Brinkley and ex-husband Peter Cook appeared in court on Friday, and it was business (i.e., cattiness) as usual, according to ABC News. OK…
Peter Cook Calls Christie Brinkley a Liar on 'Today' Show
The day after Christie Brinkley spoke out for the first time on her ongoing dispute with ex-husband Peter Cook, he decided to speak out as well and contacted the Today show. Peter claims everything Christie said in her interview …
Christie Brinkley Breaks Down Crying on 'Today' Show Discussing Peter Cook Divorc...
After divorcing Peter Cook four years ago, Christie Brinkley's ugly legal battles with her ex are still raging on. Christie appeared on the Today show this morning to discuss her return to Broadway's Chicago, but instead ending up …
Christie Brinkley's Atty: Peter Cook is "Petty"
Christie Brinkley and her ex Peter Cook have been pretty quiet lately–but no more. Extra is reporting that the former Sports Illustrated model and her ex are at it again, this time regarding contempt of court charges that Cook has …