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Dean Unglert

Hold Up!

Dean Unglert & Kristina Schulman Might Really Be Back Together & We’re Freaking Out
‘I'm trying to be respectful and keep my distance,’ said Danielle Lombard.

Say What?!

Danielle Lombard Reveals Dean Unglert ‘Was Encouraged’ To Break Up With Her On ‘BIP’...
He ‘made a complete fool of me on national television.’


Dean Unglert Continued Love Triangle Even After ‘BIP’ Filming Ended
‘My indecisiveness carried on after the season.’

Love Triangle!

Dean Unglert’s Playing Games With Girls’ Hearts On ‘BIP’ & It’s SERIOUSLY Messed Up...
‘I don't know who [he] thinks he is.’

Boy, Bye!

Rachel Lindsay Has No Time For Dean Unglert’s ‘Insensitive’ Comments
The ‘Bachelorette’ drama didn’t end at the Men’s ‘Tell All.’

Grab The Tissues

Dean Unglert Confronts Rachel Lindsay After Emotional ‘Bachelorette’ Goodbye
'I’m still confused about why you told me why you were falling in love with me.’

Pass The Tissues!

Bachelor Nation Reacts to Dean Unglert's Emotional Hometown Date & Shocking Send Off
Rachel Lindsay sent the heartthrob home after an intense visit with his family.

Miss Movin’ On!

Rachel Lindsay Looks Unbothered After Sending ‘Bachelorette’ Heartthrob Dean Packing...
The reality star named her top 3 on Monday night’s episode.