TUC+WES designer Orly Shani and reality TV princess Kristin Cavallari are about to make it a lot easier for you to predict the future—in the lifestyle genre of all that is fabulous, that is. Together, the style gurus (you might remember Orly’s exquisite design mind from Fashion Star) will host The Fabulist, a a topical reality TV show panel and debate that will cover (and discover!) the latest, greatest, and too-be-expected fashion and beauty trends around. Because we can’t mask our excitement for any reality TV segment (and on top of that, one dedicated to design!) we asked Orly to spill on the new E! series, her girl crush Chrissy Teigen, and her adoration for a chic jumpsuit.

Check out the interview below and make sure to tune into E! tonight at 8:30 p.m. ET to watch the show!

OK! Magazine: You’ll be hosting The Fabulist with Kristin Cavallari. Did you know Kristin beforehand or did you have to audition together?
Orly Shani: We met at the chemistry read! We got along really well. It was just really easy. We’ve gotten to know each other better and stayed in touch over the last month while we’ve been getting ready for the show. I’m really excited to move forward because there is a little friendship base there.

OK!: What did you two bond over?
OS: We have very similar opinions on a lot of things. We’re not exactly the same, but we definitely do share views on things. We both have little boys and husbands at home—and balancing our work and the things we really love doing with our family. We sort of related to each other that way.

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OK!: Were you a fan of The Hills or Laguna Beach before you met Kristin? Did you watch?
OS: I was. I watched both shows. They are so fun. They were everywhere. It was impossible not to watch them. I actually felt like I loved her style—and that was later after the show. Her style obviously changed because she was no longer 16-years-old! You know, I’ve gone on my Pinterest and realized I pinned a picture of her a year and a half ago. How awkward!

OK!: You’ve both been on reality TV before. What did you learn from your previous show that has helped you with this show?
 For me, being on camera is really comfortable. I don’t really register that the camera is there. I think that is really helpful with a show like this. You want to be free with your opinion, and you want to be free with yourself, you mannerisms, the way you talk, and the way you share things. It’s important so that people feel like they are getting the real you and hearing your thoughts.


OK!: What do we have to look forward to on the show?
On the first episode, it’s going to be Nigel Barker and Jessica White, who is a Sports Illustrated model. It’s going to be a great, really fantastic, informative first episode for sure.

OK!: Which celebrity is your dream guest for the show?
I have such a gnarly girl crush on Chrissy Teigen and met her a couple of times. I love her. I think her take on things is really great. Girls love her and guys love her, so I think she’s perfect for the show. We discuss not only fashion and beauty, but also lifestyle trends. There’s a lot of content that men can absorb and be interested and learn from. I would love if she came on the show.

OK!: Did you see the video of her finding out she was the cover of Sports Illustrated?
OS: She’s just the best! I think she’s so authentically herself. I think her reactions are so in the moment and not rehearsed. She’s not this completely polished being, which is incredible for a supermodel. What’s not to love?

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OK!: How do you figure out what trends to put on the show?
The show is really lucky to have incredible researchers behind it. Kristin and I have a say, and we definitely suggest trends that we like and are seeing, but the researchers on the show will pull together the trends that are just about to pop. I would say that the show is more of a trend forecasting show verses reporting on a current trend. It’s things that are about to pop that you may not have even seen yet or have seen on one or two celebrities. It’s really exciting. That’s why I say the show is really informative. It’s not a breakdown of things we’ve seen. It’s really brand new.


OK!: What trends do you think will be really big for spring?
OS: The trend that I’m most excited about is jumpsuits. I think they are really fun and sexy. Depending on the style you go with, it’s appropriate for any event. You could wear one to a red carpet event or a wedding. You could wear one out to brunch with your girlfriends or a walk, depending on the fabric or the print. I’m also big into the crop top and pencil skirt vibage. It’s a lot of fun. You can really intermix items in your closet that you wouldn’t have thought to pair together. It’s applicable to everybody.

OK!: Which reality E! star or reality star do you think is the best-dressed on TV right now?
 Currently, I really love Khloe Kardashian. I love her style right now, but I wouldn’t say that was the case a year ago. I feel like Cat Sadler always looks really put-together, accessible, and beautiful.

OK!: And then what trend should we ditch this season?
Wearing your jacket like a cape needs to go away. I cannot stand that trend. It’s the most pretentious of all the trends in the world. I really, really dislike it. Put your arms in your jacket. And I think the T-Shirts that are a take on a luxury brand. I think they’ve had their day. Take them out of your wardrobe and wear them with your PJs.

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