Despite what the lie detector test may or may not have told us, The Bachelorette’Chris Soules is a liar. He told us yesterday that there would be no drama in Italy—none compared to the drama there was last week in France, at least—and he was incorrect about that. The group dates and Andi Dorfman‘s 1:1 dates with both Nick and Cody caused plenty of stir-ups among the remaining contestants, but nothing was more dramatic and sketchy than Nick and Josh.

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The episode started off with Nick, who got the first one-on-one date in Venice with Andi. Mind you, this was his second one-on-one, when Cody, still in the game at this point, hadn’t even gotten one! So yes, the guys were upset about that (and even more upset that he got a rose at the end of it), and the whole time he was out with Andi the guys kept talking about him and saying that he’s two-facing Andi and they wish she could see him for what he’s really all about. Honestly, we think Nick is hiding something too. But how cute was it when he told Andi he was falling for her? We kinda forgave him there.


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Next was the group date, where the six guys on it (and Andi herself) had to take lie detector tests. At the end of it, Andi decided not to check out the guys’ scores (making this whole exercise a royal waste of time, honestly), but all the guys were pretty good sports abut it. Well, except for Josh. He was uneasy about taking it and said that all of his relationships are built on trust so he wishes Andi would just trust him without having a test to prove it. Andi was bothered by this, of course, and this led Andi (and the audience, frankly) to believe that maybe Josh is hiding something from her (and us) all along.

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And let’s not forget about Cody, who finally got his one-on-one at the end of the trip, only to get sent home in the middle of it because Andi couldn’t see him as more than a friend. She cried a lot and it was sad, but Cody was being weird, saying that he wanted to do everything with her and lay around with her, etc. Honestly, we’d be turned off by that too.

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Oh yes, and we also said goodbye to JJ at the rose ceremony, who, despite having had that date with Andi earlier in the show where they literally grew old together, Andi told him that she couldn’t see a future together. Bye bye, JJ. We’ll miss your pants.


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But anyway, what’d you think of Italy? Do you think Nick is hiding something? Or is Josh the one Andi should be worrying about? Vote below or tweet us @OKMagazine!

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