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Celebrity: Phil Robertson

Phil Robertson's Suspension Is Lifted, and Duck Dynasty Will Continue
A mere nine days after A+E suspended Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson after he made insensitive comments in GQ, the ban has been lifted. The show will continue on with its previously planned production schedule and Phil will be permitted to film again in the spring. OK! News: The kids of Duck Dynasty chat about Read More
A Brief Investigation Into the Duck Dynasty Disaster!
Holy pop-culture disaster, Batman. In a reality TV blowout that now has even politicians involved, A+E has suspended Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson from filming and the controversy is mounting by the hour. Here’s how it went down! On Wednesday, December 18, GQ posted a story from its January 2014 issue, on newsstands now, which Read More
The Star of Duck Dynasty Suspended After Homophobic Interview
Loose lips sink ships, or at least get you suspended from work. This is what Phil Robertson, star of Duck Dynasty, has learned after he gave a very controversial interview to GQ. He has since been placed on indefinite hiatus from the show by its network, A&E. In the GQ interview, Robertson wondered aloud about Read More