As another amazing year in pop culture comes to a close, we want to celebrate our very favorite moments! We bring you the OK! Awards. Nominations — and arguments — from our staff are below. We'll be posting the nominations for a different category all week, and we want you to vote for your favorites! Winners* will be announced Tuesday, Jan. 1.

Category 9: Movie of the Year

1) Silver Linings Playbook

Nominated by: Heather Newgen, West Coast Editor Lauren Brown, Site Director

Heather says: "This was the best movie of the year for me! Bradley Cooper's character is so relatable and I was rooting for him all the way!"

Lauren says: "You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll realize Bradely Cooper is more than just a pretty face and Jennifer Lawrence's range goes beyond Panem."

2) 21 Jump Street

Nominated by: Lea Palmieri, Video Editor

Lea says: "The movie that proved to everyone Channing Tatum is not just hot, but also hilarious!"

3) Flight

Nominated by: Dee Clarke, West Coast Editor

Dee says: "I loved Flight! Denzel Washington has still got it and he deserves a slew of awards this season!"

4) Lincoln

Nominated by: Lauren Metz, Writer

Lauren says: "Who knew Abe was such a storyteller?"

5) Les Miserables or Moonrise Kingdom

Nominated by: Kelli Acciardo, Deputy Editor

Kelli says: "Can I say Les Mis even though I haven't seen it yet? Or, I heart Moonrise Kingdom!"

6) Ted

Nominated by: Laura Sassano, Writer

Laura says: "It's about a trash-talking teddy bear. What more do you want from a trip to the movies? Mila Kunis and Mark Wahlberg definitely don't hurt either!"

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