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Celebrity: Rebecca Black

Meet Dani Shay, An "Uncanny" Justin Bieber Look-Alike
Move over Rebecca Black, Dani Shay is hot on your heels. Dani, an aspiring singer/songwriter, shares a shocking resemblance to Justin Bieber, and she even sounds likes him. Equally as shocking, Dani did not know who Justin was until she was repeatedly mistaken for the 17-year-old pop singing sensation. But now that she is making Read More
Justin Bieber & Rebecca Black Nab Nominations for MTV's First O Music Awards
MTV announced the categories and nominees for its new Internet-based awards show, the O Music Awards today, a new kind of show being “a celebration of digital music.” With categories like best fan cover, most viral dance and best music hashtag meme (think Twitter) it’s no surprise that 13-year-old Internet sensation Rebecca Black and Andy Read More
Rebecca Black Suing "Friday" Producers?
The head honchos at Ark Music Factory aren’t going to be “partyin’, partyin’ ” if their protege Rebecca Black takes them to court. The 13-year-old Internet sensation is considering legal action against the L.A. producers of her viral song “Friday.”
Watch Stephen Colbert & Jimmy Fallon's Explosive Cover of Rebecca Black's "Friday...
In case you missed it on Friday’s episode of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon or have just watched the video for the tenth time, everyone is still buzzing about Stephen Colbert‘s energetic and engaging performance of Rebecca Black‘s “Friday.” With host Jimmy Fallon at his side, along with the house band The Roots, American Idol Read More
Snoop Dogg on Rebecca Black: "I Love Sensations Like That"
Rebecca Black’s sudden hit single “Friday” recently took the web world by storm. And, while celebrities have mixed opinions on the overnight internet sensation, Snoop Dogg is on the 13-year-old artist’s side.
Breakfast Links: Ryan Reynolds Receives Male Star of the Year Award
• Ryan Reynolds receives Male Star of the Year award at CinemaCon Awards (JustJared) • Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz hold hands! (Celebuzz) • NeNe Leakes’ friends are concerned about plastic surgery obsession (PopEater) • Rebecca Black leads us through Friday, frame by frame (MTV News) • Will Ferrell sells all his possessions (Huffington Post)
Watch Rebecca Black Copy Justin Bieber & Take Over 'Funny or Die' on April Fool's...
Just like Justin Bieber did on April Fool’s Day last year, Rebecca Black is taking over Funny or Die as the chief executive officer.
Watch Stephen Colbert Warm Up for His Performance of Rebecca Black's "Friday"
Jimmy Fallon made a promise for Stephen Colbert, his BFFSM (Best Friend For Six Months), that he would sing Rebecca Black‘s “Friday” if they reached a goal of raising $26,000 for a charity. Well, the goal has been met and now Stephen is warming up for his performance!
Rebecca Black Fans Start 'Twitition' Urging for Justin Bieber Duet!
Rebecca Black and her fans are not backing down when it comes to a Justin Bieber duet! The 13-year-old singing sensation has her Twitter followers rallying behind her and they just started a Twitition to petition for the union of Bieber and Black!
Miley Cyrus Slams Rebecca Black: "It Should Be Harder to Be An Artist"
While Simon Cowell, Lady Gaga, Chris Brown, Nick Jonas and Justin Bieber may support Rebecca Black, you won’t find Miley Cyrus covering or praising her catchy ditty “Friday.” The 18-year-old singer voiced her opinion on the 13-year-old Internet sensation in a recent interview, and she didn’t have anything nice to say.
Watch Justin Bieber Sing Rebecca Black's "Friday" & Britney Spears' "Baby"
Oh, Justin Bieber you’re such a tease! The 17-year-old singer was asking his fans what song he should sing for them and ended up singing a little bit of Rebecca Black‘s “Friday” in the process.
Watch Jimmy Fallon Promise Stephen Colbert Will Perform Rebecca Black's "Friday
Today is Tuesday, tomorrow is Wednesday, then it’s Thursday and after that is Friday, the day Jimmy Fallon needs raise $26,000 from fans to get Stephen Colbert to sing Rebecca Black‘s “Friday” on his show!
Rebecca Black Has a "Mini Shrine" of Justin Bieber in Her Room: "I'm So Dorky"
If you hadn’t heard Rebecca Black is Belieber, don’t worry, she will keep reminding you! The 13-year-old Internet sensation is a huge fan of Justin Bieber and continues to endorse the 17-year-old singing heartthrob during interviews. She also has begged him to do a duet with her, but no bite from The Biebs yet. But Read More
Rebecca Black Gets Signed With the Help of Ryan Seacrest!
Looks like Rebecca Black may officially be a signed artist. Rebecca made close pals with Ryan Seacrest last Friday when she stopped by his KIIS FM radio for a chat and helped her launch an official Twitter account. Now, it looks like Ryan helped her outside the Twitterverse with and entertainment manager.
Rebecca Black Respects Rihanna for "How She Came Out of The Chris Brown Thing"
Justin Bieber isn’t the only artist Rebecca Black looks up to! The 13-year-old Internet singing sensation also loves Rihanna, and not only for her powerhouse singing chops.
Rebecca Black "Would Love to Be Like Justin Bieber or Selena Gomez" in Five Years
Rebecca Black is not giving up the dream of doing a duet with Justin Bieber, and she also plans to follow The Biebs’ track to success. The 13-year-old singer will not be a one hit wonder and reveals that she hopes her career reaches the same level of superstardom as JB and his girlfriend Selena Read More
Rebecca Black Responds to Lady Gaga's 'Genius' Compliment: "It's So Surreal"
Rebecca Black‘s “Friday” is at 46,974,057 and climbing. She has interviewed on Good Morning America, performed on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno and at only 13, she is stretching her philanthropic arm, donating most of her YouTube and iTunes proceeds from her hit single to earthquake and tsunami disasters in Japan. With celebrities like Read More
Nick & Joe Jonas Grab Coffee And Relax In L.A.
The newly single Joe Jonas is proving that dog really is a man’s best friend. Joe was spotted out in L.A. yesterday walking his little pup, Winston, while his brother, Nick Jonas, grabbed some Starbucks. Joe and his former girlfriend, Ashely Greene, just announced their breakup last week. The two began dating back in 2010 Read More
Breakfast Links: Rebecca Black Sings "Friday" on 'Tonight Show'
• Rebecca Black sings “Friday” on Tonight Show (PopEater) • Anne Hathaway promotes Rio in Rio (JustJared) • January Jones stays flexible with Mad Men’s uncertain future (PopSugar) • Chris Brown hoops it up after Good Morning America rampage (Celebuzz) • Nene Leakes blasts Star Jones on Ellen (Huffington Post)
Watch Lady Gaga Say "Rebecca Black Is a Genius"
If Rebecca Black is fine by Lady Gaga is she fine by you? Well, Gaga has now taken the stance that she is team “Friday.”