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Celebrity: Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black's "Friday" a Rip-Off of '90s Hit "Saturday Night" by Whigfield?
Simon Cowell is certainly a fan of Rebecca Black, praising the 13-year-old singer in the press for her catchy ditty “Friday” which has over 38 million views on YouTube. Simon also pointed out that “weekday songs” always seem to cause a public outcry, likening “Friday” to the 90’s song “Saturday Night” by Whigfield. But did Read More
Rebecca Black's Celebrity Entourage Includes Simon Cowell & Nicole Richie!
Rebecca Black has been receiving some major love from the Hollywood community. While many have been busy making parodies of her much-talked-about new single “Friday”, the 13-year-old is keeping her head high and making TV interview rounds. And it really helps that she has music industry heavy-hitter Simon Cowell in her corner.
Watch Rebecca Black Perform "Friday" on 'Tonight Show with Jay Leno'
Rebecca Black appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night to perform her hit song “Friday.” But her appearance was more for the interview than the song.
Rebecca Black Gets Ready for 'Tonight Show'; Praises Nick Jonas for "Friday Cover"
Rebecca Black is hanging out with Jay Leno tonight, and has brought her best friend along! The 13-year-old singer has become an Internet sensation after her debut single “Friday” went viral on YouTube. Now Rebecca is doing her TV interview rounds, stopping at the The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, and according to her Tweets, Read More
Watch Conan O'Brien Cover Rebecca Black's "Friday" With His New Hit "Thursday"
Conan O’Brien wants in on the Rebecca Black hype! The beloved ginger comedian gave his own rendition, with some help from pal Andy Richter, of the 13-year-old Internet sensation’s hit single “Friday” and debuted his music video on his late night talk show Monday.
Justin Bieber Tweets About Rebecca Black: "Sunday Comes After Saturday?"
While appearing on Good Morning America, Rebecca Black asked Justin Bieber if he would sing a duet with her. Well, there’s been no official response from The Biebs just yet, but he didn’t Tweet about Rebecca over the weekend.
Watch Nick Jonas Sing Rebecca Black's "Friday"
Nick Jonas‘ fans really started screaming and singing along when the Jonas Brother sang a little bit of Rebecca Black‘s “Friday” on stage.
Rebecca Black "Friday" Covers Abound: Singer Gets "Censored" in Latest Parody Round-Up...
As Rebecca Black continues on her 15 minutes of fame after her “Friday” music video went viral on YouTube, the covers of the 13-year-old singer’s catchy single keep coming. And they keep getting more creative/bizarre!
Willow Smith a Fan of Rebecca Black? Justin Bieber's "Lil Sis" Catches the "Black Plag...
Willow Smith is jumping on the Rebecca Black bandwagon. Justin Bieber‘s “lil sis” — and opening act on his tour — turned to her Twitter this weekend to give a special shout-out to the Internet sensation, who has been begging to do a duet with The Biebs!
Rebecca Black Adds Official Twitter With Help From Ryan Seacrest: "We So Excited"
Breaking News — Rebecca Black is finally an official Twitter user! The 13-year-old singer turned Internet sensation launched to superstardom when her single “Friday” went viral on YouTube, and now she has been making her interview rounds. So how did Reb spend her Friday? She stopped by KIIS FM studios and visited Ryan Seacrest, who Read More
Rebecca Black's New Song "Prom Night": Watch Out for the Impostors!
This week in Rebecca Black news, the 13-year-old’s debut single “Friday” went viral, landed Top 50 on the iTunes charts followed by her first TV appearance on Good Morning America and then her attempt to duet with Justin Bieber. So with all the hype surrounding Rebecca and “Friday” YouTube buffs had a blast impersonating the Read More
Watch Rebecca Black Sing "Friday" Without the Help of Auto-Tune!
Think Rebecca Black wouldn’t have been able to sing “Friday” without the help of Auto-Tune? Well, she’s out to prove you wrong by singing the song unplugged. What do you think now?
Rebecca Black on Her New Song: "It Does Not Have to Do With Weekdays"
Rebecca Black refuses to be a one hit wonder! The 13-year-old singer turned viral video sensation launched to stardom with her debut single “Friday” and is already writing her second song. So what will it be about?
Glee's Warblers Call Rebecca Black's "Friday" a "Masterpiece" & Consider Cover
The Dalton Academy Warblers may have lost at Regionals on Glee, but the singers still deserved to be praised and not just Darren Criss and Chris Colfer. The guys who join them in song are the Tufts University Beelzebubs and sharing their thoughts on YouTube sensation, Rebecca Black.
Rebecca Black Urges Followers to Re-Tweet Her "Duet" Message to Justin Bieber!
Rebecca Black asked Justin Bieber on national TV this morning to do a duet with her, and now she has enlisted the help of her fans to campaign for a response from the 17-year-old pop singing sensation!
Rebecca Black Has a Fan in Chris Brown: He'll "Be Jammin' to It on Friday, Friday"
While Rebecca Black is hoping to collaborate with pop sensation Justin Bieber, she may want to consider a duet with R&B crooner Chris Brown! Chris responded to the hype surrounding the 13-year-old’s debut “Friday” and was so impressed, he started to sing along!
Rebecca Black Asks Justin Bieber "Would You Sing a Duet With Me?"
Not only did Rebecca Black have the opportunity to defend her song “Friday” on Good Morning America this morning, but she also got the chance to ask Justin Bieber a question.
Watch Rebecca Black Defend Her "Friday" Song on 'Good Morning America'
Rebecca Black appeared on Good Morning America on Friday morning to discuss her YouTube “hit” song “Friday.” And she’s defending her song and her singing voice against the haters saying, “I think I have talent on some level.”
Rebecca Black: "I Like Justin Bieber"
Watch out, Selena Gomez! Rebecca Black has her eyes on your boyfriend, Justin Bieber! Well, not exactly. The 13-year-old singer turned overnight viral YouTube sensation has been making waves with her debut single “Friday” giving rise to the name “Black Plague” to compete with JB’s “Bieber Fever.” But does a rivalry even exist?
Rebecca Black's "Friday" is "Creepin' on Up" the iTunes Charts!
Since Rebecca Black‘s debut single “Friday” went viral on YouTube, the pop ditty has also become a viral topic of conversation in the blogosphere. Dubbed by some as the “worst song ever,” Rebecca’s “Friday” is slowing climbing up the iTunes charts. Watch out Justin Bieber — another pop singer is hot on your heels!