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Total Divas

'Total Divas' Recap

Nikki Bella FLIPS Out At Brie Over SummerSlam Fiasco
WWE Superstar Natalya breaks down why the sisters went at it.

'Total Divas' Recap

Natalya Goes Head-To-Head With The Bella Twins! Who Comes Out On Top?
Even Renee tries to challenge the blonde beauty.

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Natalya breaks down the top summer hair trends!


Natalya Breaks Down Why Lana's Wedding Was Almost A Disaster
PLUS, two wrestlers have to face tough decisions that could impact them forever.

'Total Divas' Recap

WWE Superstar Natalya Tells All About Brie's Pregnancy Diet
Find out why the Bella twin is 'frustrated' ahead of her first baby's birth!

Beauty Advice!

Natalya Reveals How She Stays Flawless
The blonde stunner gives the inside scoop to her makeup go-tos!

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Get A Super-Hot Body Like WWE Superstar Natalya Without Being Body-Slammed
The wrestling superstar shares her best diet and workout tips.
Summer and Nattie of E!'s Total Divas

Reality Recap

Natalya Breaks Down The First Episode Back Of 'Total Divas!'
'What a whirlwind!'

Rock That Body!

Natalya breaks down how to look your best this summer!
total divas new cast premiere renee young


'Total Divas' Star Renee Young Tells All About New Season & Relationship With Dean!
Renee is the newest cast member for the upcoming season.


Nikki Bella’s Career Might Be Over On ‘Total Divas’
Can she still wrestle?


WWE Diva Rosa Is In For A Big Surprise In Paris!
It involves rose petals.


WWE Star Paige Disappoints Rosa Mendes On ‘Total Divas!’
This is Rosa’s first child.


The Bella Twins Are Venturing Into A New Kind Of Business!
Are they leaving the WWE behind?

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WWE Diva Eva Marie Nervous To Tag-Team With Mandy Rose!
Is there another rivalry erupting?


Brie Bella Admits To Having ‘Baby Fever’ And Possible Exit Plans From Wrestling!
Is she retiring?

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Rose Mendes’ Beach Day Isn’t So Relaxing On 'Total Divas!'
The pregnant wrestler decided to stay home.

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WATCH: Nikki Bella Forbids Brie From Having Fun On 'Total Divas!'
Watch this sneak peek of Total Divas!
WATCH: Nikki And Brie Bella Are At Each Other's Throats On 'Total Divas'
Where’s the sisterly love?! Nikki Bella snuck into her twin’s hotel room only to find a very pissed off Brie Bella on the phone. “What are you doing?” asked Brie. “I feel so disrespected.” Nikki admitted to getting a key by pretending to be her sister because they always stay together at hotels and she Read More
WATCH: Nikki Bella’s Back Injury Is A Cause For Concern On ‘Total Divas’
Being a professional athlete takes a serious toll on your body and Nikki Bella is feeling it! A former back injury is causing the wrestler problems and even her mom weighs in on the issue. “There’s no way you guys can do what you do and expect to walk away,” The Bella Twins’ mom emphasizes. Read More