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98 Degrees

Jeff TimmonsJeff Timmons
OK! Exclusive: Jeff Timmons Reveals The Boyband Concert Where He Met His Wife
Get ready to see a lot of Jeff Timmons. Like, A LOT. Ok, well not that much.The 98 Degrees star’s new show Men of the Strip premieres on E! on June 1st and it’s going to be good. Real good. The show follows Jeff’s latest project, a grown up boyband, that have performed all over Read More
6 Exciting Things '90s Boy Bands Will Be Doing in 2014
2014 is officially the year of the boy band! No, that wasn’t a typo that was supposed to say “1999.” Old school boy band members, both with their groups and individually, are up to big things this year, from touring to TV. Here’s 5 things that ’90s teeny boppers can look forward to later on this year: PHOTOS: Read More