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Celebrity: Josh Kelley

Mario Lopez, Jason Statham, Jennifer Lopez and More Spotted Out and About—Week of Janu...
Mario Lopez picked up a pair of Monster DNA headphones at the TR SUITES at Sundance and was overheard telling wife Courtney he thought this was a perfect travel accessory for their trip out to Utah, as he picked up a second pair just for his wife. Keri Russell took her Guinness into the photo booth Read More
Katherine Heigl & Josh Kelley Reveal Their New Daughter's Name!
It's been almost three weeks since news of Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley's second adoption broke, but the couple has finally revealed the name they've chosen for their new baby daughter.  A rep for the actress confirms to E! News that Katherine and Josh have named their bundle of joy, Adalaide Marie Hope Kelley. So Read More
Katherine Heigl Blogs About Her Sex Life: "No Desire" to Cheat on Husband Josh Kelley
Katherine Heigl has posted her newest blog post and tackles the topic of marriage and how she makes it work with Josh Kelley. Katherine and Josh have been married for four years and have a three-year-old adoptive daughter Naleigh. After being asked during an interview how she makes her marriage work, Katherine decided to really Read More
Katherine Heigl "Totally" Wants to Return to 'Grey's Anatomy'
Katherine Heigl left Grey's Anatomy in January of 2010 to raise her adoptive daughter Naleigh with her husband Josh Kelley, but she's open to making a return to the hit show! Now the question is, will the show take her back? OK! GALLERY: KATHERINE HEIGL ENJOYS A BEWITCHING HALLOWEEN WITH WITH JOSH KELLEY & NALEIGH Read More
Katherine Heigl on Balancing Work & Motherhood: 'My Daughter Cannot Fulfill Every...
  In a new blog post, Katherine Heigl opens up about what it's like to be an actress and a mother and how difficult it is to balance her career and her daughter, Naleigh.  Katherine's honesty is refreshing, considering many actresses fail to truly admit how motherhood takes a huge toll on their Hollywood careers.  OK! GALLERY: KATHERINE Read More
Katherine Heigl Checks Out a Manhattan Market With Her Man
Katherine Heigl had some fun shopping at an NYC outdoor market with her hubby Josh Kelley yesterday. It looks like she was bargaining with the vendor for a pair of earrings! Thatta girl, Kate!
Josh Kelley Opens Up About Katherine Heigl & Naleigh
Singer-songwriter Josh Kelley typically flies under the radar — especially when compared to wife Katherine Heigl, who is usually the one in the spotlight for speaking about her career and personal life. But for once, Josh is the one speaking up about his family life.
Katherine, Josh & Their Fancy Fairy Celebrate Halloween!
One big perk about being a mom? Unlimited access to the Halloween Trick-or-Treat haul! Katherine Heigl enjoyed a few of her daughter Naleigh‘s treats on Sunday while leaving a friend’s house in Los Feliz, Calif. Both parents had sweet stuff to carry — hubby Josh Kelley also had his hands full, too, but he was Read More
Katherine Heigl: Josh and I Did Nothing "Scandalous" in the Hot Tub
Katherine Heigl has explained why she talked to police — called to her home on Monday night over complaints that she and hubby Josh Kelley were causing a ruckus in their hot tub — in a skimpy bikini.
Cops Called to Katherine Heigl's House
Can’t blame the baby on this one. Katherine Heigl and her husband Josh Kelley were enjoying their hot tub a little too much Monday night and a neighbor complained of the noise!
VIDEO: Josh's Skills With Kids Makes Katherine Jealous
Even though Katherine Heigl is a mom in real life, the star says the three little triplets used in her movie Life As We Know It were more in love with her co-star Josh Duhamel than they were with her!
Katherine Heigl: "We Still Talk About Having Biological Children"
Katherine Heigl‘s family picture may seem perfect, but when Katherine and her husband Josh Kelley became new parents to their adopted daughter Naleigh it was a bit of a learning experience. In the November issue of Redbook, Katherine opens up adjusting to being a new mom.
Katherine Heigl's Electronic Cigarette Solution
Katherine Heigl has kicked her addiction to nicotine thanks to a little plastic electronic cigarette.
Josh Duhamel Says He "Indirectly" Kissed Josh Kelley
Josh Kelley may not be completely comfortable with his wife Katherine Heigl kissing her Life As We Know It co-star Josh Duhamel, but if it makes him feel any better Josh says Katherine was basically just a buffer.
Josh Kelley Says Katherine Heigl was "Born to Be a Mom"
Josh Kelley is a very supportive and loving hubby to Katherine Heigl. The musician walked the red carpet of her Life As We Know It NYC premiere and spoke about how much better their marriage is now that their parents to Naleigh.
Katherine Heigl's Husband "Uncomfortable" with Her Kissing Josh Duhamel
Katherine Heigl stars in the film Life As We Know It and just as her character has to adjust to a new life, Katherine and her husband Josh Kelley have had to do the same. Not only are they the new parents to daughter Naleigh, but Josh has had to learn how to deal with Read More
Katherine & Josh Let Loose at 'Life As We Know It' NYC Premiere
Katherine Heigl and her Life As We Know It co-star Josh Duhamel were more than just excited to be attending the world premiere of their film in NYC on Thursday — they were downright giddy! But when you have a co-star like Josh Lucas and Katherine’s husband Josh Kelley at the event, it’s more of Read More
Katherine Heigl on Motherhood: You're Wondering "Am I Doing This Right?"
Katherine Heigl is a very proud mom to her 20-month-old daughter, Naleigh, whom she adopted with husband Josh Kelly one year ago. Being a mom also mean sacrifices and the Life As We Know It star opens up to InStyle Magazine about the challenges of motherhood and putting her career on the back burner.
Josh Kelley Proud of Lady Antebellum Brother
It’s an exciting moment for Josh Kelley, who is married to Katherine Heigl, father to their adopted daughter Naleigh, 1, and brother of Lady Antebellum’s Charles Kelley. The Amazing singer, 30, worked with Charles, 28, writing his current country single Georgia Clay.
Katherine & Josh Aren't Happy Campers
Katherine Heigl and husband Josh Kelley didn’t look too pleased as left Katherine’s trailer on the set of her next film One For Money Tuesday in Pittsburgh, Pa. The married couple each ate out of a red cup — maybe the contents of the cup was causing the scowls on their face? Despite the un-pleasant Read More