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Robin Thicke

It’s War!

Police Called AGAIN! Paula Patton & Robin Thicke’s Custody War Continues
Julian reportedly didn’t want to go with his dad.

Daddy's Back

Robin Thicke Has Emotional Supervised Reunion With Son Julian After Spanking Scandal
Social workers were standing by.

Bitter Custody War!

Robin Thicke Enjoys ‘Extra Special’ Lunch Date With Son Julian After Court Battle
The singer didn't win his request for unsupervised visits.

Supervised Visit!

Robin Thicke Takes Son Julian For Lunch Date Amid Heated Custody Battle
The singer wanted to do something "extra special,” said a source

Latest Details!

Robin Thicke Has Only Seen Son Once Since Losing Custody
His ex Paula Patton claims he was abusive towards her.

Deadbeat Dad?

Find Out How Many Times Robin Thicke Has Seen His Son Amid Messy Custody Battle
His ex Paula Patton has sole custody for the time being.

See The Pics!

Robin Thicke Emerges After Paula Patton Wins Custody Of Son
The mom is reportedly focusing all of her energy on Julian who has been acting out.

Ready For War!

Paula Patton Meets Robin Thicke’s Girlfriend & Mediator Amid Domestic Abuse Claims
The actress was dressed for battle! See the pics!

Shocking Twist!

Paula Patton Accuses Robin Thicke Of Domestic Violence, Cheating, & Coke Addiction
She won temporary custody of their son, Julian.


Court Bombshell: Robin Thicke Loses Custody Of Son
Judge slaps Paula Patton's ex with a restraining order after violence claims.

Ongoing Custody War!

Paula Patton & Robin Thicke Attend Family Therapy With Son
She's accused him of physically abusing the six-year-old.

Making Progress?

Paula Patton & Robin Thicke Attend Family Therapy
Get the scoop on how the couple are reconciling after their intense custody battle!

The Latest

Police Called To Paula Patton's Home Amid Robin Thicke Spanking Scandal
Is their 6-year-old son in danger?

Bitter Custody War!

Robin Thicke Investigated Over Child Abuse Claims By DCFS
Plus, his reaction to the allegations.

Shocking Claims!

Paula Patton Accuses Ex Robin Thicke Of Child Abuse!
Find out what she’s claiming Robin did to their six year old son!


Alan Thicke Dead At 69
Alan Thicke Dead At 69

OK! Exclusive

21-Year-Old April Love Is Turned Off By Robin Thicke's 30 Pound Weight Gain!
Find out why food isn't the issue.


Robin Thicke's GF April Love Geary Scary Skinny In Bikini Pics!
See the images.

Seeing Double!

Check Out These Celeb Sons Who Are Clones Of Their Fathers!
Chips off the ol’ block!
OK! Exclusive: Robin Thicke And April Love Prove Their Love In A Permanent Way!