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Jimmy Fallon's First Week on The Tonight Show and More Late Night Highlights This Week

We have officially moved into a new era of late night TV—so what does that look like so far? In this week’s Late Night Booty Call, you can relive all the best moments from Jimmy Fallon’s first week on The Tonight Show and some other stuff that happened after your bedtime too.

Jimmy wasted no time this week proving that The Tonight Show will continue to be an important television staple…where celebrities can come together to play charades.
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Jimmy and Will Ferrell have that special bond that only true friends can have together. Let’s all be glad we get to watch it happen on TV.
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Jerry Seinfeld stopped by to sum up the Olympics in true Jerry fashion.
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Over on another Jimmy, Jimmy Kimmel giggled uncontrollably through his interview with Will Arnett.
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Did you know Game of Thrones star Kit Harrington is the heir to another quite important throne?
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Matthew McConaughey revealed that his friendship with Woody Harrelson started the way all the best ones do: with shots.
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Jonah Hill’s been a busy dude! He just wanted some time away to reflect on all his success and a nice quiet vacation…in the middle of a Lady Gaga music video.
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Just in case you didn’t already know, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is not like any other movie star, which he proved on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

Conan O’Brien welcomed Tom Felton to the show. Or was it Aaron Paul?

Chris O’Donnell is a huge yoga fan, for many assorted reasons.

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What makes Jerry O’Connell such a great husband to have around? Well, he’s not quite sure, as we learned on Watch What Happens Live.

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