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Hottie of the Day

OK! Hottie of the Day: Justin Bieber
Is it weird that both Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are the brand ambassadors for new Adidas NEO sneakers? Well, it's certainly not a coincidence. We're guessing that the exes signed onto this gig when they were still together because otherwise, that's awkward with a capital A. OK! News: Selena Gomez Makes a Pregnancy Announcement! Read More
OK! Hotties of the Day: The Lonely Island
Today's OK! Hottie of the Day is super hot, because it's 3 hotties in one! Photos: What's Zac Efron doing on set? This week The Lonely Island revolutionized Hump Day, by naming Wednesdays "Wack Wednesdays." Now every week leading up to their new album The Wack Album release on June 11th, Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer Read More
OK! Hottie of the Day: Jake Gyllenhaal
We just did a little bit if perusing on Jake Gyllenhaal's IMDB page and discovered that he has not released a movie since End of Watch in September 2012. Granted that wasn't really that long ago, but a guy as talented (and as hot) as Jake needs to make more movies. His intermittent appearances at Read More
OK! Hottie of the Day: Paul Walker
Paul Walker has starred in some of the greatest 90's movies ever, including Pleasantville, Varsity Blues, and of course, She's All That, and now, he's out promoting the sixth (!!!) Fast and Furious film. We're sorta shocked that that franchise has been going on for that long, but then we take one good look at Read More
OK! Hottie of the Day: Jaden Smith
We'll be honest—Hottie of the Day was slim' pickins today. Every single celebrity was at the Met gala, and since we didn't want to feature a suited-up guy from that event, there weren't many other people to choose from. We're not saying that today's pick, Jaden Smith, isn't worthy of the title. We just feel Read More
OK! Hottie of the Day: Patrick Dempsey
It's been nine seasons of Patrick Dempsey playing Dr. Shepherd on Grey's Anatomy, and he's only gotten hotter over the years. They don't call him McDreamy for nothing, guys. Here's a pic of Patrick at the airport, and personally when we're at the airport we wear sweatpants and a messy bun and the whole look Read More
OK! Hottie of the Day: Alexander Skarsgard
Whatever is in the water in Sweden, we need to steal some of it over here in America. Swedish hottie Alexander Skarsgard attended a screening in New York City of his new film, What Maise Knew, last night, and we don't know much about that movie, but we're going to see it now. Because he's Read More
OK! Hottie of the Day: Leonardo DiCaprio
Today's Hottie of the Day pick was an absolute no-brainer. We chose Leonardo DiCaprio for a bevy of reasons. 1. Last night was the NYC premiere of The Great Gatsby. 2. Leo, who plays Mr. Gatbsy, was there all suited up, so hello. 3. He's looking just as good now as he was in the Read More
OK! Hottie of the Day: Sam Worthington
Remember Sam Worthington from Avatar? We don't know where he's been (fine, we'll give him more credit—he's been in a few movies since then), but we are glad he is back. Sam stopped by Extra at The Grove in LA to chat with Mario Lopez yesterday and it's like, so much hotness at once, don't Read More
OK! Hottie of the Day: Will Arnett
It's less than a month until a brand new season of Arrested Development is premiering on Netflix, which means we have approximately that long to ogle over the show's hot cast as they do press for it. The show is full of a slew of cute dudes—Jason Bateman, Michael Cera—but um, have you seen Will Read More
OK! Hottie of the Day: Darren Criss
Are you excited for Glee star Darren Criss' upcoming solo album and tour? No? We think this adorable pic will do the trick. Darren was at The Today Show this morning promoting his forthcoming solo project, but all we can focus on is how adorable he is. Photos: Darren Criss and Other Celebs With Two Read More
OK! Hottie of the Day: Adrian Grenier
We feel like Adrian Grenier has sorta been under the radar since Entourage ended and that is not ok. The guy is way too good-looking to not be in the spotlight. Not sure how we feel about his new longer hair (kinda looks like Rachel Zoe's husband, Rodger, no?), but nonetheless, Adrian is a hottie. Read More
OK! Hottie of the Day: Niall Horan
We think it's safe to say that the guys of One Direction like older women. Last night Mindy Kaling posted an Instagram pic of herself and Harry Styles, the same time that Niall Horan was spotted at a club in the UK until 3am with 27-year-old British TV host Laura Whitmore. Those 1D guys are Read More
OK! Hottie of the Day: Jon Hamm
We feel like a suit has the same effect on Jon Hamm as it does on most guys—you put one on and instantly you're transformed into a gentleman. Granted, Jon would be hot in sweats (or nothing…see what we did there?), but in this suit? Oh. Em. Gee. Watch: Jon Hamm on Sesame Street! Jon Read More
OK! Hottie of the Day: Ryan Lochte
Ryan Lochte's been on a whirlwind press tour in NYC for the past few days, and you didn't think we were just going to let him fly under the radar, did ya? We're suprised we didn't make him Hottie of the Day sooner, but today Ryan gets the Hottie crown because um, have you seen Read More
OK! Hottie of the Day: Joey Lawrence
Um, is it just us that had NO idea that Joey Lawrence still looked this good? Sure, he was a hottie back in the days of Blossom and yes, he's definitely quite the looker on ABC Family's Melissa & Joey, but seriously, hello. Look at those muscles and that tan! OK! Exclusive: Melissa Joan Hart on Read More
OK! Hottie of the Day: Zac Efron
Um, guys, we hit the Hottie of the Day jackpot this week. A few days ago we featured Chris Pine's gorgeousness from Cinemacon, and today? It's Zac Efron. We know. It really doesn't get any better than this. Photos: Why Zac Efron Should Join ABC Family's New Show Zac is in NYC promoting his new Read More
OK! Hottie of the Day: Joe Jonas
Fact—the Jonas Brothers are everywhere these days. Coachella, NYC, whatever, they're there. Not that we hate it at all. Because just look at Joe Jonas right here? Cute, right? Watch: The Cutest Jonas Brothers Fan Moments of the Week The bros are promoting their new single, "Pom Poms," and also season 2 of Married to Read More
OK! Hottie of the Day: Chris Pine
Behold, the most perfect human specimen you've ever laid your eyes on. For some coincidental reason most Hollywood Chrises are hot—Evans, Hemsworth, though Brown not so much—but Chris Pine takes the cake. Photos: The Hottest Guys at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards Chris is starting the promo tour for his film Star Trek Into Darkness, Read More
OK! Hottie of the Day: Drake
Since pretty much every single celebrity was either at Coachella or at the MTV Movie Awards this weekend, we figured our daily Hottie of the Day post was a perfect time to show you what other Hollywood hotties who weren't there were doing instead. Exhibit A? Drake, who was on the opposite coast of all Read More