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Aaron Paul and Norman Reedus Party Hard Plus More Late Night Highlights This Week

Going to fancy parties is a big perk of being a celebrity, but this week on the late night TV shows, these hot actors were describing some super weird scenes! In this week’s Late Night Booty Call we hear about these unusual shindigs, even weirder celebrity encounters and Jason Momoa’s muscles. Definitely those muscles.

Aaron Paul takes the cake for weirdest party ever because he was hanging out with some prince, doing tequila shots with Michael Jackson, while MJ still had the size sticker on his brand new shirt. Listen to him tell the whole story himself on Jimmy Kimmel Live:
[hulu id=pdzc40lfy5hyzcceyzw50g width=512]

And then Elijah Wood went to Comic-Con and told Craig Ferguson about this gathering…

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Norman Reedus stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to talk about his Mardi Gras experience and also shoot lasers out of his eye.
[hulu id=8tcqjhqaqhiqi2a7guxu8q width=512]

Ok, the stories Paul Scheer told on The Pete Holmes Show are mind-blowing and will make you feel happy you’ve never had this celebrity encounter before.

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Who knew Zach Braff had so many celebrity doppelgängers? Let’s help him put this plan into action.

Nick Kroll stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers to sing a song and make a fun announcement:
[hulu id=12cnr6_rd9whhtlstifmda width=512]

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Really guys, Josh Radnor is doing ok now that How I Met Your Mother is over. Really!

And here are those promised muscles. Jason Momoa makes Betty White blush and gives Conan O’Brien a new motto for life.

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