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Mob Wives New Blood Reunion: Drita D'Avanzo Tells Renee Graziano That They Were N...
Ah, reunion shows. The time when the entire cast of a reality show comes together to rehash their old issues and scream their heads off. That’s just what happens on the Mob Wives: New Blood reunion, especially between Drita and Renee. Drita screams at Renee for that time that she and Karen bad-mouthed her husband, Lee, Read More
Mob Wives: New Blood—Watch The Ladies React to Alicia DiMichele's Dramatic Sentencing ...
All the legal issues we’ve seen Alica DiMichele go through this season culminate on this week’s Mob Wives: New Blood season finale—and it’s not looking so good. In this exclusive clip from the final episode of season 4, Alicia comes out of court after her trial, while Drita, Big Ang and the other ladies meanwhile Read More
Drita D'Avanzo Cried Watching Mob Wives Last Night! Read Her Recap
Mob Wives star Drita D’Avanzo isn’t just the coolest gal in the gang—she’s also writing Mob Wives recaps each Friday exclusively for See her inside take on last night’s episode below! Last night’s episode was one of my favorite episodes this season. Can we talk about how I think Big Ang and Neil are Read More
Drita D'Avanzo's Funniest Quotes from Her Mob Wives Recaps
Drita D’Avanzo of Mob Wives is‘s exclusive recapper and favorite Mob Wife (but don’t tell Big Ang, mmkay?). Every Friday, Drita recaps Mob Wives with her trademark wit and insight. And today is her birthday! Celebrate with a collection of her funniest recap quotes. 1. “Natalie was ‘purgatory,’ but I don’t think purgatory wore Read More
Mob Wives: New Blood—Watch Drita D'Avanzo Flip When Renee Graziano Skips Her Luncheon...
On this week’s Mob Wives: New Blood, Drita D’Avanzo has the right idea—plan a fancy scmancy girls lunch so that all the ladies can air out their differences once and for all. Except Drita and the other girls are not having it when Renee Graziano is a no show, yet again. OK! Exclusive: Drita Recounts Read More
Drita Digs In: The Mob Wives Star Recaps Her Episode Recording with Method Man
Last night’s episode was one of my favorite episodes because I was able to relive the moment I had in the studio with Method Man! No one has any idea how exciting and incredible that experience was. “Money Bags” will drop within two weeks and it came out insane!! I love it! Watch: Mob Wives Read More
Drita Digs In: The Mob Wives Star Talks About Her New Rap Song
I was so excited to see last night’s episode!! Reality TV can take a toll on me at times. Sharing my life with the world and seeing and hearing things that I don’t like is sometimes way too stressful! Basically there are pros and cons to it. One of the biggest pros is the fact Read More
Drita Digs In: See What the Mob Wives Star Thought About Last Night's Accusations
I honestly felt like I was watching The Godfather when I was watching last night’s episode. It’s obvious I took a liking to Alicia, and I was furious over someone putting her on blast and ratting out every move she makes in the paper. She’s a great mom and does not act like a wannabe Read More
OK! First Look: Watch Ang and Drita Find Out That Alicia Lied To Her Probation Judge o...
You know how sometimes it’s awkward when your friends catch you in a lie? Mob Wives: They’re just like us, except with them, they get caught in a lie when their friends read the newspaper… OK! Exclusive: Alicia and Drita Show Us What’s In Their Purses In this clip from Thursday’s episode, Ang and Drita Read More
Drita Digs In: The Mob Wives Star Recaps Losing Thousands of Dollars in Vegas!
The last night in Vegas had to be one of my favorite episodes, just because I left the rat casino that took all my money! What was interesting to me about this week’s episode was watching things that I obviously didn’t see and watch for the first time with the fans. Photos: Check out the Read More
Alicia and Drita from VH1's Mob Wives: New BloodAlicia and Drita from VH1's Mob Wives: New Blood
Alicia and Drita Show All! This Is What You Find When You Make The Mob Wives Show You ...
It’s impossible not to be obsessed with the Mob Wives, right? I want to know everything about their lives from the day to day stuff, which I’m guessing is not as mundane as yours or mine, to the glamorous parts too. A really good peek into all of this is showcased by what these fierce Read More
OK! First Look: Drita Tells Her Husband She Lost $8,000 in Vegas On This Week's Mob Wi...
It’s part 3 of the girls trip to Vegas on this week’s Mob Wives: New Blood, but the damage isn’t done even though the trip is ending. Once the wives return home after their eventful trip, they go back to reality. For Alicia that means facing Eddie’s sentencing, and for Drita, that means telling her Read More
Drita Digs In: The Mob Wives Star Talks About Last Night's Fight
Here’s Drita’s take on the episode! Last night’s episode took me back to a place where I don’t wanna be, and that’s Vegas. I have always enjoyed Vegas and always won a lot of money out there, but this trip was just stress, fights, and huge losses at the tables. Not fun! I honestly think Read More
Mob Wives and Celebrity Friends
Could These Celebs Hang With The Mob Wives? The Ladies Reveal if Taylor, Miley, Rihann...
We all want to hang out with the ladies of VH1’s Mob Wives, right? You are guaranteed a fun time and a loyal pal in each of those ladies. But what does it take to actually be able to fit in with them? And what celebs would make the cut? We asked Drita, Big Ang, Read More
Mob Wives cast
What Would The Mob Wives Do? The Ladies Tell You How to Handle a Dirty Look, Where The...
The next time you’re in a sticky situation just take a deep breath and think, “What would the Mob Wives do right now?” It’s a very important question to ask yourself! And luckily, we have the answers for you right here. Watch: Get a sneak peek at tonight’s brand new episode of Mob Wives: New Blood  Read More
OK! First Look: Big Ang and Drita Worry About Renee's Drinking Binge on This Week's Mo...
On this week’s Mob Wives: New Blood, the ladies take a trip to Las Vegas to escape all their issues back home. Sounds innocent enough, right? But Sin City might not have been the best idea, because in this clip, Big Ang and Drita talk about Renee’s drinking binge and now they’re concerned for her Read More
Drita Digs In: Read the Mob Wives Star's Recap of This Week's Episode
People have been talking about last night’s episode of VH1’s Mob Wives: New Blood for hours. It’s been trending all night and day on Twitter! Lucky for us, star Drita D’Avanzo is here with her thoughts on the episode. Dig in! I found last night’s episode to be very interesting because I got to see Read More
Mob Wives
Which One Of The Mob Wives Admitted She's "Not Tough At All"? Hint: It's a Surprising ...
Most people probably consider the ladies of Mob Wives: New Blood to be “badasses” and not so much “softies”. But it turns out, the ladies identify with the second term even more than we realized. Photos: See the hottest celeb bods of 2013 When we caught up with Renee Graziano, Big Ang, Drita D’Avanzo, Alicia Read More
OK! First Look: Drita's Daughter Takes a Self-Defense Class on This Week's Mob Wives: ...
Get More: Mob Wives (Season 4) After last week’s debacle on Mob Wives: New Blood where Drita almost met her stalker in the flesh, this week’s exclusive clip makes total sense. Drita takes her daughter, Aleeya, to a self-defense class so she can defend herself against the mean bullies at school. Or, in Drita’s case, Read More
Drita Digs In: The Mob Wives Star Recaps Her Crazy Stalker Episode
Drita D’Avanzo is back with her exclusive take on last night’s episode of Mob Wives: New Blood on VH1! Read on for her take: Oh boy last night’s episode was not easy for me to watch!! If there is one thing I can’t sit well with (and I don’t think anyone can), it’s someone talking Read More