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‘Catfish’ Star Nev Schulman & Wife End Their Wedding Day With An Epic Splash!
The couple took their precious daughter to the beach within minutes of saying 'I do!'

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You Won't Believe These INSANE Moments From 'Catfish: Untold Stories'
Plus, find out why the 'Shahs of Sunset' cast was DETAINED in Israel!
Catfish Exclusive Preview: Nev and Max Try To Figure Out If Sketchy Online "Music Prod...
Pretty much every single episode of Catfish thus far has been romantic. Each week we meet an unsuspecting internet user who calls up Nev and Max to help them finally meet the person they fell in love with online. Except on tonight’s episode, things are purely professional… OK! News: Hayden Panettiere is Pregnant! In this exclusive Read More
Catfish's Nev Schulman and Max Joseph On What You Should Never Ever Do on Social Media...
Coming straight off the heels of Nev and Max’s do’s and don’ts for posting selfies on Instagram (do pose like Kendall Jenner, do NOT post like James Franco), this time the Catfish co-hosts reveal red flags for interacting on social media. But not just your typical “it’s a red flag if he won’t video chat with Read More
Catfish Exclusive Preview: Is Antoinette's Online Boyfriend Really a Successful...Rapp...
Ohhh boy. Looks like we have another fake Bow Wow on our hands. Tonight’s all-new episode of Catfish features Antoinette, a pretty young lady who’s “Instagram famous,” and the guy she’s been chatting with online who is posing as a successful rapper named “T-Lights.” But for anyone who’s seen Catfish season 2, the guy who pretended Read More
Catfish Exclusive Preview: Antwane Finds Out His Online Boyfriend's House is Pad-Locke...
We’ve seen just about every single type of person on Catfish: The TV Show, from creepy stalkers to unapologetic a-holes. But tonight, will we even get to meet Antwane’s catfisher at all? In this exclusive clip from the all-new episode, Nev, Max, Antwane and one of his friends show up to the address Tony, the guy Read More
Nev and Max From Catfish Reveal Which Celebrity-Inspired Selfies Are OK or Not OK to P...
Thanks to their line of work, Nev Schulman and Max Joseph know a couple of things about the internet. So for a very special Catfish version of OK/Not OK, we showed the guys some famous (and sometimes infamous) recent celebrity Instagram pics, and they told us if it was OK or Not OK to post a similar photo if Read More
Catfish Spoilers! Nev Schulman and Max Joseph Reveal That a Couple Will Get Married on...
Our favorite bromance, the one between Nev Schulman and Max Joseph, returns to TV tonight with the season 3 premiere of Catfish: The TV Show, but season 3’s not the same ol’ thang as the first two seasons were. The guys told us that this season is darker. And also that it’s got a different formula. Read More