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The PhilmGuy's DVD Review: Green Lantern; Zookeeper
Green Lantern – Due out Friday, this middling comic book adaptation shoehorns Ryan Reynolds into the role of the power ring-wielding hero, who flies about the galaxy battling evil rendered in the form of uninspired computer animation.
The PhilmGuy Reviews: 'Footloose' Starring Julianne Hough & Kenny Wormald
Every generation, it comes time for the cinema to teach us important lessons about life. One of these lessons is that loud music and dancing are the devil’s tools and must be eradicated by rule of law. A wise pastor/town dictator must obliterate that silly division between church and state.
The PhilmGuy’s DVD Review: 'Fast Five', 'Scream 4'
Fast Five – Vin Diesel and Paul Walker resume their homoerotic, nitro-fueled bromance in this car-centric action series, which caught a second wind after 2009’s Fast & Furious.
The PhilmGuy's DVD Review — 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon'; 'Ben-Hur'
Transformers: Dark of the Moon – Due out Friday, the summer blockbuster brings its relentless chain of maximum-budget explosions and insipid dialogue into your living room.
The PhilmGuy's DVD Review: 'Bridesmaids'; 'Star Wars'
Bridesmaids – The female-centric answer to The Hangover, the film aims to prove female-driven comedies can be every bit as disgusting and crass as those featuring dudes.
The PhilmGuy's DVD Review: 'Thor'; 'Conan O'Brien Can't Stop'
Thor – Available in 3D as well as 2D, my favorite comic book movie of the summer wields its thunderous hammer in stunning high-definition.
The PhilmGuy's DVD Review: 'X-Men: First Class'; 'Hanna'
X-Men: First Class – Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughn pulls out a defibrillator and revives the mummified X-Men series, scrapping the nonsense of the past couple movies and restarting from scratch.
The PhilmGuy's DVD Review: Prom, The Beaver & Sons of Anarchy: Season 3
Prom – Aimee Teegarden, best known as the coach’s daughter on Friday Night Lights, plays an eager go-getter who falls for an anti-establishment dude (Thomas McDonell) who pokes holes in her worldview.
The PhilmGuy's DVD Review: 'Gossip Girl' Season 4; 'The Greatest Movie Ever Sold'
Gossip Girl: Season 4 – The CW soap opera about the comings and goings of Manhattan elites ditches Taylor Momsen and Jessica Szohr in favor of more screentime for Kaylee DeFer.
The PhilmGuy's DVD Review: 'The Bang Bang Club'; 'Something Borrowed'
The Bang Bang Club – Ryan Phillippe plays one of four photojournalists take to strife-torn South Africa in the early 1990s to make names for themselves and manage to stay alive as they hurl themselves into the middle of riots and extreme poverty.
The PhilmGuy Reviews: '30 Minutes or Less' Starring Jesse Eisenberg & Aziz Ansari...
If Jesse Eisenberg and Michael Cera arm-wrestled, no one would win and daffodils would pop up from the table. This is actually my way of complimenting both actors. They do so well because they are easier to identify with than musclebound, machine gun-toting action stars. Both actors thrive on their Beiberesque lack of traditional machismo, Read More
The PhilmGuy's DVD Review: 'Super'; 'Your Highness'
Super – The indie-film answer to last year’s sensational Kick-Ass star’s The Office‘s Rainn Wilson as a sad-sack restaurant worker who becomes a masked vigilante after his wife (Liv Tyler) is kidnapped by a drug dealer (Kevin Bacon).
The PhilmGuy Reviews: 'The Change-Up' Starring Ryan Reynolds & Jason Bateman
I believe it was Socrates who once advised “Never pee into a public fountain while wishing you had the life of a friend who’s peeing next to you, lest you run the risk of a magical statue smirking as it transplants your brains and causes a brief electrical blackout in all surrounding buildings.” That’s the Read More
The PhilmGuy's DVD Review: 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'; 'United States of Tara'
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off: 25th Anniversary Blu-ray – In 1986, back when Matthew Broderick was capable of starring in good movies, this John Hughes-directed gem was all the rage. Broderick plays a high school con artist who plays by his own rules, deceiving school faculty and his parents to run wild in one long, glorious Read More
The PhilmGuy Reviews: 'Crazy, Stupid, Love' Starring Ryan Gosling & Steve Carell
Well, they got Crazy and Stupid right. My only suggestion to make the title more accurate is to change Love to Hate.
The PhilmGuy's DVD Review: 'Source Code'; 'Trust'
Source Code – In this drama, a sci-fi take on the Groundhog Day concept, Jake Gyllenhaal plays a war vet who is locked in a chamber and tasked to travel back in time again and again to identify a train bomber.
The PhilmGuy Reviews: 'Friends With Benefits' Starring Justin Timberlake & Mila K...
Justin Timberlake definitively proves he’s a talented actor in Friends with Benefits, given the fact that his character is only an extreme mega-douchebag, rather than the tremendous, mind-blowing super-douche he usually plays. To be scientific about it, that’s an 85 percent reduction in douchiness.
The PhilmGuy Reviews: 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2'
Oh, this final Harry Potter movie is a tearjerker indeed. The plucky underdog, whose struggles you’ve followed through seven previous films, finally gets his time in the sun. He faces down his relentless and terrifying – not to mention annoying – nemesis for the final time. And it ends in heartbreak.
The PhilmGuy's DVD Review: 'The Lincoln Lawyer'; 'Rango'
The Lincoln Lawyer – Matthew McConaughey stars as a constantly-in-motion lawyer who does the police department’s work for it, spending much of his time working in his car while his driver takes him from one death-defying investigation to the next.
The PhilmGuy Reviews: 'Horrible Bosses' Starring Jason Bateman, Jennifer Aniston &...
If Alfred Hitchcock lived in our time, had an eighth of his talent and was obsessed with blunt sex jokes, Horrible Bosses is exactly the movie he would make.