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Leah Messer


Leah Messer's Photo Of Special Needs Daughter Ali In Therapy Will Leave You In Tears
The 'Teen Mom 2' star has been struggling raising her twins, as seen on the show.

Say What? 

Leah Messer's New Photo About Her 'Boyfriend' Has Fans FREAKING OUT
Find out all of the details from the 'Teen Mom 2' star's love life right here!


Aleeah 'Blames Herself!' Leah's Daughter Feels Responsible For Twin Ali's Disability
The 'Teen Mom 2' star opens up about the complications of raising her twins.
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Leah Messer Posts Tribute To Daughter Ali After Difficult Convo With Twin Aleeah
The ‘Teen Mom 2’ is working on devoting equal time to all her girls.

Ready For Halloween!

Leah Messer's Daughter Addie's Costume Will Have You Laughing All Day
See the photo of the tiny 'Teen Mom 2' star here!

'Broke My Heart!'

Leah Explains Why Aleeah Feels Responsible For Ali's Muscular Dystrophy
The 'Teen Mom 2' star's daughter thinks she 'crammed' her sister in the womb.
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'Teen Mom' Bombshell

Leah Messer Reveals Her Darkest Secret: ‘Only A Few Know’
‘It’s far deeper than any assumptions that’ve been made.’

Baby On The Way?

Leah Messer Sparks Pregnancy Rumors After Posting Suspicious Instagram Photo
Find out if the ‘Teen Mom 2’ star is expecting her fourth child.


'A Lot Of Pressure!' You Which Believe What Fear Leah Messer FINALLY Conquered
The 'Teen Mom 2' star was extremely nervous.
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Mom’s New Man!

Leah Messer's Girls Can’t Stop Talking About Stepdad After She’s Caught On A Hot Date...
The ‘Teen Mom 2’ star has been married twice now.


Is Leah OK? Messer Reveals Terrifying Health Condition
'My life right now,' the 'Teen Mom 2' star captioned the scary photos.

'Teen Mom' Romance!

Leah Messer Is CAUGHT On A Date With A Hot Mystery Man
Is the 'Teen Mom 2' star ready to show off a new romance?


Leah Messer Just Proved She Might Be The Coolest Mom EVER — Find Out Why!
The 'Teen Mom 2' star has her hands full with her daughters!


'Im Fighting For Ali!' Leah Tells All On Special Needs Daughter After Hospital Scare
The mother experienced a nightmare when the 8-year-old was having trouble breathing.


'Love!' Leah Messer Shows Off Her 'Big' & ADORABLE Baby In A New Video
The 'Teen Mom 2' star dropped the fourth baby bombshell last week!
Leah Messer's Fourth Baby Girl Is The CUTEST — See The Adorable Photos
The ‘Teen Mom 2’ star is already a mom to three daughters.


'Family!' Leah Messer Posts The CUTEST Photo After Her Baby Four Announcement
The 'Teen Mom 2' star is already the mother of three girls.
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Huge News

Leah Messer Announces Baby Number 4 — See The ADORABLE Photos!
The ‘Teen Mom 2’ star is already a mom to three daughters.
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Proud Mom!

Leah Messer Shares The Most Adorable Photo Of Her Girls Heading To School
The ‘Teen Mom 2’ star’s daughters are growing up so fast!


Heartbreaking! Leah Messer's Special Daughter Is Facing 'Tougher' Health Issues
Ali was rushed to the emergency room after having troubling breathing.