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The Biggest Loser

Saying Goodbye

'Biggest Loser' Scandals Are Brought Back To Light As Show Is Cancelled!
Many contestants ended up regaining the weight and facing backlash from fans.

Good Riddance!

Inside How Chrissy Metz Wants To Put An End To Her Ongoing Weight Loss Struggles
The overweight actress just wants 'to be proportioned!'
Return To Reality TV? Find Out If Rob Kardashian Is Joining The Biggest Loser: Report
Alison Sweeney
The ONE Thing Alison Sweeney Does to Stay Motivated While Working Out
You know Alison Sweeney as the host of The Biggest Loser, one of the most motivating shows on television. But when it comes to staying motivated during her own workouts, how does Alison do it? OK! News: The 100 most attractive people in sports We asked her just that when we recently caught up with Read More