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Celebrity: stephenie meyer

Third Twilight Film Given Release Date
The folks behind the Twilight films are definitely trying to strike while the iron is hot. Work is all set to begin on the second movie, New Moon, based on the smash-hit teen vampire books, and now it’s not …
7 Secrets of the Twilight Sequel!
Twilight Director to Publish Book
Catherine Hardwicke may not be directing the sequel to Twilight, but rest assured she’s making the most of her time spent on the film. The director plans to publish a new tell-all book, Twlight: Director’s Notebook, detailing how the …
Taylor Lautner to Play Jacob in New Moon
It looks like Twilight‘s Taylor Lautner will reprise his role as Jacob Black in the film’s sequel, New Moon. Twilight author Stephenie Meyer confirmed the news on Wednesday, posting the following statement from New Moon director Chris Weitz…
Twilight Sequel Gets American Pie Director
There couldn’t be two more different teen movies than vampire romance Twilight and gross-out sex comedy American Pie — so it seems like an odd choice that the director hired to helm the sequel to the bloodsucking smash is one …
Twilight Sequel Gets Greenlight
If Twilight fans couldn’t get enough of the hit movie that broke box office records this weekend, they’re in luck—a big screen version of the Stephenie Meyer‘s best-selling sequel to Twilight, New Moon, is also set to …
Kristen Stewart: R-Patts is "Sort of Perfect"
The highly anticipated Twilight film hits theaters in just about a week, and the entire cast was recently rounded up for one last round of press. CLICK HERE to see OK!’s Ultimate Twilight Gallery!   In the December issue of …
Next "Twilight" Delayed
After a partial draft of the final installment in her "Twighlight Saga" was leaked online, author Stephenie Meyer is holding the last book indefinitely, reports The Los Angeles Times   “I did not want my readers to experience ‘Midnight Sun’ …