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Custody Battle

Brooke Mueller Battling Denise Richards Over Custody Of Charlie Sheen's Sons
Brooke Mueller is battling to have her twin sons, Max and Bob, removed from Denise Richards' custody. As previously reported, the four-year-old boys were taken away from Mueller last weekend, by the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services, amid concerns for their wellbeing. Brooke Mueller, who is in rehab for the 20th Read More
Kelly Rutherford On Brink Of Bankruptcy—You Wont Believe How Much She's Spent On Bitte...
Kelly Rutherford is broke and facing bankruptcy due to her ongoing bitter custody battle with her ex-husband. The Gossip Girl star is opening up about her dire financial situation and heartbreak over losing custody of her two children to her ex-husband, to E!News and has a video clip of her emotional sit down. Kelly Read More