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Tweet Repeat: Rashida Jones Hangs With Brad Goreski, David Spade Takes A Selfie and Mo...
Welcome to Tweet Repeat, your daily dose of the best celeb anecdotes found on Twitter. We’ve scoured the site looking for the funniest, weirdest, goofiest, deepest, craziest, sweetest, most intriguing thoughts of the day, from the most intriguing people on the internet. See what Mindy Kaling, Lisa Rinna, Beth Behrs, Ike Barinholtz and more were up Read More
Nick Cannon and Jimmy Fallon
Gotta See It GIFs Of the Day: Watch Jimmy Fallon's Hilarious Dance Moves With Justin B...
Ready, Set, Reddit: Thursday, August 8th!
Here’s the best stuff on the front page of the internet today: Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s Guillermo hijacks Matt Damon‘s Elysium junket: [r/funny] 500 Fairy Tales have been found in Germany! Let’s get those puppies published, STAT! [r/world news] People are still super into this Stephen Colbert/Daft Punk thing: [r/music] This girl who lost both arms & legs gets Read More
Watch Stephen Colbert's Tearful Tribute to His Mother
Celebrities are humans, too, and they suffer when they experience loss. But it's rare to see a star open up in a real way about their experiences—which made last night's episode of The Colbert Report especially moving. OK! News: See what items are trending on Reddit today. It involves pandas! Stephen Colbert's mother passed away Read More
Ready, Set, Reddit: Thursday, June 20!
Here's the best stuff on the front page of the internet today: The Power of Makeup: [r/pics] Must Watch: Stephen Colbert tears up while paying homage to his mother: [r/videos] Just your average kitten that I want to steal immediately [r/aww] Your daily AMA: Donald Faison [r/iAmA] No No No I can't I can't I can't Read More
Bill Clinton Joins Twitter With the Help of a Special Celebrity Friend!
Stephen Colbert helped former President Bill Clinton create a twitter account and send his first tweet this month! The comedian tweeted, “Just spent amazing time with Colbert! Is he sane? His is cool! #cigu” from the President’s “new” account @PrezBillyJeff. Since the interview, Bill Clinton has changed his Twitter handle to @BillClinton. The account is Read More
Stephen Colbert Resumes Taping of 'The Colbert Report'
Stephen Colbert's hit show, The Colbert Report, will hit airwaves again tonight. After a brief and sudden hiatus last week, the show will begin airing original episodes again. OK! NEWS: STEPHEN COLBERT CANCELS THE COLBERT REPORT PRODUCTION THIS WEEK   Last week, a rep for Comedy Central told E! News, "Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Read More
Stephen Colbert Cancels 'The Colbert Report' Production This Week
It's a pretty big mystery and probably a pretty big deal as to why Stephen Colbert halted his show, The Colbert Report, this week. For right now, however, no one knows precisely why. VIDEO: ANTHONY WEINER TWITTER SCANDAL GETS THE STEPHEN COLBERT TREATMENT Live tapings for shows were abruptly canceled the latter part of this Read More
Stephen Colbert Is Worried "Carmageddon" Will Affect His Emmy Win
The California I-405 will closed over the weekend, which means “Carmageddon” is on its way. Stephen Colbert really hopes Los Angeles can survive the road closure because he has an Emmy to win!
Stephen Colbert Approved to Form "Super-PAC" By Federal Election Commission
Stephen Colbert‘s “Super-PAC,” or political action committee, has been approved by the Federal Election Commission to not only be formed, but also be promoted on his show The Colbert Report.
Anthony Weiner Twitter Scandal Gets the Stephen Colbert Treatment
When a scandal breaks involving a politician, Stephen Colbert‘s job becomes that much more exciting. New York congressman Anthony Weiner has been in the news after an alleged photo of his crotch in underwear was Tweeted to a young woman from his account. So what does Stephen have to say about the whole thing?
Watch Stephen Colbert Slam Sarah Palin's "Restoration of America" Bus Tour
Sarah Palin is busy fueling rumors of a presidential run as she currently is on a bus tour across America with her family. Sarah’s current publicity jaunt has many speculating her motives, in particular political satirist Stephen Colbert who questioned last night on The Colbert Report — “Why is this happening?”
Watch Stephen Colbert Get "As Giddy As a Schoolgirl" After Osama Bin Laden's Death
“USA! USA! USA!” the audience cheered on Stephen Colbert‘s The Colbert Report as Stephen revealed he’s “so happy” about the news of Osama bin Laden‘s death.
Watch Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert's Showdown at The Comedy Awards!
Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are known frenemies and they took their banter to the perfect venue last night — the first annual Comedy Awards on Comedy Central. Jon and The Daily Show can now add a big C award to his Emmy, but unfortunately Stephen did not win for The Colbert Report. And he Read More
Watch Stephen Colbert & Jimmy Fallon's Explosive Cover of Rebecca Black's "Friday...
In case you missed it on Friday’s episode of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon or have just watched the video for the tenth time, everyone is still buzzing about Stephen Colbert‘s energetic and engaging performance of Rebecca Black‘s “Friday.” With host Jimmy Fallon at his side, along with the house band The Roots, American Idol Read More
Watch Stephen Colbert Warm Up for His Performance of Rebecca Black's "Friday"
Jimmy Fallon made a promise for Stephen Colbert, his BFFSM (Best Friend For Six Months), that he would sing Rebecca Black‘s “Friday” if they reached a goal of raising $26,000 for a charity. Well, the goal has been met and now Stephen is warming up for his performance!
Watch Jimmy Fallon Promise Stephen Colbert Will Perform Rebecca Black's "Friday
Today is Tuesday, tomorrow is Wednesday, then it’s Thursday and after that is Friday, the day Jimmy Fallon needs raise $26,000 from fans to get Stephen Colbert to sing Rebecca Black‘s “Friday” on his show!
Watch Jimmy Fallon & Stephen Colbert Duke It Out Over Ice Cream
When the spoons start flying, just look to late-night hosts Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon for the cause of the ice cream fight! After Jimmy was awarded his own flavor of Ben & Jerry’s, “Late Night Snack,” Stephen got jealous that his “Americone Dream” had a late night competitor.
Forget Jimmy Fallon & Charlie Sheen, Bring On the Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream!
It’s not every day somebody gets their own ice cream flavor! But Jimmy Fallon is not just any guy. Ben & Jerry’s recognized this and partnered up with the late night host to launch their newest flavor “Late Night Snack.”
Election Day 2010: Which Celeb Gets Your Vote?
It’s election day 2010 and we want to know which do-gooder celebrity would get your vote!