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Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher James Blunt American Mother Friendship LongCarrie Fisher James Blunt American Mother Friendship Square


James Blunt’s BIZARRE Confession: 'American Mother' Carrie Fisher Predicted Her Death...
The musician said he ‘lived in a madhouse with her.’

'Finding The Funny!'

The UNBELIEVABLE Way Billie Lourd Is Coping With Family Tragedy
Check out how Carrie Fisher’s daughter is coping with her grieve.

Cute Couple!

Taylor Launter And Billie Lourd Are Crazy In Love On Date Night
Inside the pair’s romantic evening!
billie lourd fisher taylor lautner square

More Than Costars?

Billie Lourd Relies On SURPRISING Person At Funeral Service
Carrie Fisher's daughter has been seeking support from a former Twilight star.
Carrie Fisher's Ashes Held In Giant Prozac Pill At Funeral
It was a bit of humor on a somber day.

Saying Goodbye

Celebrities Arrive At Cemetery For Funeral Of Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds
See the sad photos.

Sad Farewell

Stars Arrive For Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds' Memorial Service
Hollywood A-listers say goodbye to the legendary actresses.


Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds’ Funeral & Memorial Updates
Find out how the family prepared for this tragic day.

Latest Details!

Carrie Fisher's & Debbie Reynolds' Burial Plans Revealed
Find out what celebs may show up!


Debbie Reynolds’ Son Reveals Her REAL Cause Of Death One Day After Carrie’s Passing...
PLUS, inside their burial plans.


Carrie Fisher Named In LEGAL CASE After Dying
Carrie Fisher is not able to rest in peace.


Carrie Fisher's Heartbroken Daughter Comforted By Taylor Lautner
Carrie Fisher's Heartbroken Daughter Comforted By Taylor Lautner


Debbie Reynolds Dead At 84
The actress passed away one day after the death of her daughter, Carrie Fisher.


Inside SHOCKING Claims Carrie Fisher Was Not 'Totally Clean' Before Her Death
More has been revealed about Carrie's passing.
billie lourd carrie fisher daughter bond square

Gone Too Soon!

Inside Carrie Fisher’s ‘Incredible’ Bond With Daughter Billie Lourd
Carrie Fisher passed away today, leaving behind her only daughter, Billie Lourd.

Gone Too Soon!

Carrie Fisher's MOST Iconic Princess Leia Moments
The 'Star Wars' beauty passed at the age of 60 after suffering a heart attack.

Medical Scare!

Carrie Fisher's Near FATAL Heart Attack May Have Been Caused By DRASTIC Weight Loss
Carrie Fisher, 60, of Star Wars fame suffered a near-fatal heart attack.