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Jared Leto

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His Number One Lady!

Jared Leto Finds Time To Appreciate The Most Important Figure In His Life
'She taught me to dream' the actor talks about his mothers impact on his life.

New Couple Alert!

Angelina Jolie and Jared Leto Are Secretly Dating
The two had a low-key dinner date in L.A.
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'Suicide Squad' Star Jared Leto Reveals A MAJOR Bombshell About His Acting Career
Jared is starring as The Joker in Suicide Squad.


Cara Delevingne Has Embarrassing Moment On The Wacky ‘Suicide Squad’ Red Carpet
The cast of 'Suicide Squad' definitely showed their quirks for the film’s premiere.


Drake & Jared Leto Admit To Shocking Fan Hookup On ‘Ellen’
Ellen didn’t hold back.
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Jared Leto's Documentary, Artifact, and More That's New on Netflix
Halloween shmalloween. Sometimes, all people want to do is be lazy at home rather than dress up and party! If you’re of the latter group of the human population, here’s what’s New on Netflix and worth watching this weekend. PHOTOS: …
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Who Was Too Cool To Eat Ellen's Pizza? Your Important Oscars Scorecard
It’s amazing how the smallest, simplest bit can become one of the funniest moments on Oscar night. And while this has been done before (eh hem, People’s Choice Awards 2010), everything’s a little bit better with Ellen DeGeneres’…
5 Things You Didn't Know About Dallas Buyers Club
You know Dallas Buyers Club is nominated for a Best Picture Oscar, and up for 5 additional awards this weekend, but do you know what actors almost starred in this film? Or how many days they had to make …