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Watch 'Today Show' Anchor Al Roker Make a "Full Frontal" Blunder on Air
Live television got the best of Today show vet Al Roker Friday morning on the Today Show. What started off as a segment about a unique collection of old bowls featured on The Antiques Roadshow turned into a live-shot that was blocked by a Today stagehand and then led to Al making a verbal blunder Read More
Daniel Craig Says the Aliens in 'Cowboys & Aliens' Made Him Scream Out Loud
English actor Daniel Craig pulls off playing an American cowboy in his new film Cowboys & Aliens and told the Today show this morning that he watched old cowboy movies to prepare for the role, but he wasn’t prepared for the aliens!
Watch Ryan Gosling Perform 'Dirty Dancing' Lift With Al Roker on 'Today' Show
We just became insanely jealous of Al Roker. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone stopped by the Today Show on Wednesday morning to promote their new film Crazy, Stupid, Love, and Ryan was asked to demonstrate the Dirty Dancing lift he does in the film…. on Al!
Daniel Radcliffe Blames Himself Not Peer Pressure for Past Drinking Problem
Daniel Radcliffe might be regretting his confession that he had a past problem with drinking now that he’s constantly being asked about it. The Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 star stopped by the Today show on Thursday and openly discussed why he had a problem with alcohol and how he is Read More
Watch Ann Curry Chase After Nadya Suleman's Octuplets on 'Today' Show
Chaos erupted on the Today show this morning when Nadya “Octomom” Suleman and her octuplets made their first live TV debut. Poor Ann Curry had to try and interview Nadya while simultaneously chasing after her children in the studio!
Shia LaBeouf Missed Megan Fox in Transformers: Dark of the Moon: "I Love Megan"
Shia LaBeouf‘s character in Transformers: Dark of the Moon has moved on from Megan Fox to new girlfriend, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, but Shia admits he did miss Megan.
Watch Vancouver Riot Kissing Couple, Scott Jones & Alex Thomas, Explain Photo on ...
Scott Jones and Alex Thomas have been identified as the “Vancouver Riot Kissing Couple” and appeared on Today this morning to explain the viral photo of them kissing in the middle of the street during the riot and how it “seemed like the best thing to do.”
Anthony Weiner's Sext Friend Traci Nobles on 'Today': "I Didn't Really Think About His...
Traci Nobles is a cheerleading instructor in Georgia who has admitted to being a sext friend of former congressman Anthony Weiner. Traci appeared on the Today show today to set the record straight that she never discussed Anthony’s wife, Huma Abedin, during their conversations.
Watch Matt Lauer Ride Jim Carrey Like a Horse — "Come On, Little Matty!"
Today Show anchors learned a big lesson today about inviting actor Jim Carrey onto their show. Don’t allow Jim into the studio until right before his interview or bad things will happen — like Matt Lauer will try to ride him like a horse.
President Obama on Rep. Anthony Weiner Scandal: "If I Were Him, I Would Resign"
In an exclusive interview with the Today show’s Ann Curry, President Barack Obama has addressed the scandal surrounding Rep. Anthony Weiner, offering his honest advice to the shamed congressman who recently admitted to acting inappropriately online with several women after a Twitter picture surfaced of him in boxer briefs.
Ann Curry On Her First Day With 'Today': "Please Tell Me I Look Better Now"
Ann Curry certainly put her time in before she became co-anchor of  Today. She started with the NBC news program in March 1997, and one things for sure, her look has changed! Ann chatted with Access Hollywood Live today about being Meredith Vieira‘s replacement and how her look has evolved.
Watch Ann Curry's Debut as 'Today' Co-Anchor: "I Feel Like Cinderella"
Ann Curry made her debut this morning as Today show co-anchor opposite Matt Lauer, replacing veteran Meredith Vieria who departed the position yesterday to spend more time with her family. Ann certainly seems up for the challenge and was welcomed with open arms — and a video montage of her career — this morning on Read More
Meredith Vieira Signs Off 'Today'
It’s hard to believe Meredith Vieira’s final day on Today is actually here! Seems like she just announced her departure but after spending nearly five years in the co-anchor seat alongside Matt Lauer, the vivacious veteran journalist is gearing up to say one final au revoir during today’s broadcast.
Meredith Vieira's 'Today' Show Replacement Ann Curry Says "She is a Woman to Love"
Meredith Vieira‘s Today show replacement Ann Curry took part in all the send-off festivities for her pal this morning, making her last day on the set of the NBC morning program memorable. Ann also turned to her Twitter to send a special message this morning to her followers and Meredith.
'The Voice' Contestant and 'Jersey Girl' Star Raquel Castro Appears on 'Today'
Raquel Castro was selected to join Christina Aguilera‘s team on The Voice, but her big voice isn’t the only thing getting her extra attention from fans right now. Raquel was also the little girl in Ben Affleck‘s Jersey Girl!
Meredith Vieira Makes Big Announcement; Decides to Leave 'Today'
Rumors swirled for weeks but Meredith Vieira confirmed the news this morning to make it official. The Today co-host announced during the broadcast that she is leaving the show in June, “her second home,” to spend more time with her family.
Watch Meredith Vieira Tearfully Announce 'Today' Departure & Congratulate Ann Cur...
Meredith Vieira tearfully announced this morning that she will be leaving the Today show to spend more time with her family. Taking Meredith’s place is Ann Curry and the ladies got a little emotional saying goodbye to each other…over Matt Lauer‘s lap.
Katie Couric Makes It Official: She's Leaving 'CBS Evening News'
Although it was widely speculated that Katie Couric was going to make her big announcement after the royal wedding, turns out she beat everyone to the punch! The anchor of CBS Evening News has officially announced she’ll leave the program to pursue other projects.
Meredith Vieira Planning to Leave NBC's 'Today' Later This Year?
As rumors continue that Katie Couric will be leaving CBS, rumors are starting up that Meredith Vieira will be leaving NBC!
'Today Show' Drama: Man Jumps Over Barricade on the Plaza
Meredith Vieira, Al Roker and Willie Geist got a rude awakening this morning on the Today Show when a man jumped the barricade while they were reporting on the plaza!