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Celebrity: Anthony Weiner

Anthony Weiner's Wife Gives Birth
Ode to the end of the year! As we look back on some of the scandalous and not-so-scrumptious stories, one that really pops out is former Congressman Anthony Weiner. Ahem, Weinergate. OK! NEWS: ANTHONY WEINER TO RESIGN FROM CONGRESS, REPORT SAYS Well, perhaps the page is turning on disgrace as he has something to cheer Read More
Anthony Weiner Offered Role on 'Entourage'?
Former congressman Anthony Weiner may have a gig in Hollywood in his future. According to reports, he’s been offered a guest spot on the hit HBO show. Find out more after the jump!
Anthony Weiner's Sext Friend Traci Nobles on 'Today': "I Didn't Really Think About His...
Traci Nobles is a cheerleading instructor in Georgia who has admitted to being a sext friend of former congressman Anthony Weiner. Traci appeared on the Today show today to set the record straight that she never discussed Anthony’s wife, Huma Abedin, during their conversations.
Watch Matt Lauer Ride Jim Carrey Like a Horse — "Come On, Little Matty!"
Today Show anchors learned a big lesson today about inviting actor Jim Carrey onto their show. Don’t allow Jim into the studio until right before his interview or bad things will happen — like Matt Lauer will try to ride him like a horse.
Anthony Weiner to Resign From Congress, Report Says
A new report claims congressman Anthony Weiner has decided to resign.
Anthony Weiner's Porn Star Pal Ginger Lee Holds Press Conference to Share Sext Message...
Ginger Lee, an ex-porn star and Anthony Weiner‘s sext messaging friend, held a press conference today, with help from her lawyer Gloria Allred, to share her side of the story — and some of the sext messages she received.
Watch Betty White Deliver David Letterman's Top 10 List & Take a Jab at Anthony W...
Betty White has been busy in NYC this week promoting the new season of her show Hot in Cleveland. She co-hosted Live! With Regis and Kelly with Regis Philbin yesterday and also made time to stop by and say hi to David Letterman earlier in the week. On Monday, Betty delivered the “Top Ten Betty Read More
President Obama on Rep. Anthony Weiner Scandal: "If I Were Him, I Would Resign"
In an exclusive interview with the Today show’s Ann Curry, President Barack Obama has addressed the scandal surrounding Rep. Anthony Weiner, offering his honest advice to the shamed congressman who recently admitted to acting inappropriately online with several women after a Twitter picture surfaced of him in boxer briefs.
Barbara Walters Finds X-Rated Anthony Weiner Photo Flattering
Barbara Walters offered her opinions on Rep. Anthony Weiner‘s scandal today on The View. And while the veteran TV journalist does not condone the congressman’s indiscretions, she still feels he should not be booted from office. Barbara also said that, while his actions may be “unfathomable,” the X-rated pics leaked of Anthony are borderline impressive.
Alec Baldwin "Sad for" Anthony Weiner: He is a "Busy Man" & Needed "To Take the E...
In a new article for The Huffington Post, Alec Baldwin shares his thoughts on Anthony Weiner and seems to blame his Twitter troubles on the fact that he’s a busy modern man.
Alec Baldwin Moving from '30 Rock' to City Hall?
Thanks to the Twitter scandal for the potential next mayor of NYC, Rep. Anthony Weiner, it looks like the conversation’s been opened for Alec Baldwin to take a stab at running for office!
Anthony Weiner's Wife Huma Abedin Is Pregnant With Couple's First Child, Report Says
After an online sex scandal catapulted their marriage into the public spotlight, it has just been reported that Rep. Anthony Weiner‘s wife, Huma Abedin, is pregnant with their first child. 
Watch Jon Stewart Beat Himself Up (Literally) For Being Too Easy on Anthony Weiner
Jon Stewart feels he missed his opportunity to really sink his teeth into Rep. Anthony Weiner over the Twitter photo scandal. So last night, the political satirist held a press conference on The Daily Show to apologize for being too lazy when it came to Weiner, and literally beat himself up when he cut open Read More
Paris Hilton Calls Anthony Weiner's Infamous Boxer Briefs Twitter Photo "Not Huge"
Jimmy Kimmel always finds himself a bit confused when it come to Paris Hilton‘s lingo. The heiress uses the words “hot” and “huge” as adjectives quite frequently, and Jimmy doesn’t always understand the difference. Last night, though, Paris made it very clear when she was talking about Rep. Anthony Weiner‘s infamous underwear Twitpic.
Watch Jimmy Fallon Spoof Anthony Weiner by Apologizing to His Huge Staff
Jimmy Fallon took on Anthony Weiner‘s press conference on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and filled it with sexual innuendos — about his staff.
Watch Donald Trump Slam Anthony Weiner: "He's a Bad Guy, He's a Psycho"
Donald Trump decided to deliver a message this afternoon, slamming Rep. Anthony Weiner for his recent Twitter picture scandal. The Donald posted a video on his YouTube channel calling the congressman a “psycho” and demanding that he “should never, ever be allowed to run for office again.”
Anthony Weiner Twitter Scandal Gets the Stephen Colbert Treatment
When a scandal breaks involving a politician, Stephen Colbert‘s job becomes that much more exciting. New York congressman Anthony Weiner has been in the news after an alleged photo of his crotch in underwear was Tweeted to a young woman from his account. So what does Stephen have to say about the whole thing?