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Celebrity: larry king

Kate Gosselin Admits, "I'm Lonely"
On Tuesday night, Larry King took a break from interviewing heads of state, titans of industry and stars of the silver screen to interview someone even more important — reality super breeder Kate Gosselin.…
Jermaine Jackson: MJ's Death Has Given Me a Mission
In the wake of his brother Michael Jackson’s death, Jermaine Jackson says he has now found a new mission in life, that of spreading Michael’s message, he writes in a new blog entry on Larry King’s CNN site.…
Meet TV's Newest Power Couple: KingCrest
Two of the most powerful hosts on TV combined their superpowers yesterday when CNN talk show legend Larry King and American Idol (and E! and his radio show) host Ryan Seacrest lunched together at Spago in Beverly Hills. After their …
OK!'s Top Celebrity Meltdowns
Now that Christian Bale has apologized for his on-set screaming frenzy, we thought we’d revisit some of the all-time great celebrity meltdowns that have been recorded for posterity. And some of these contain some very explicit language — so don’t …
Brad Pitt's Normal Life
The words "normal" and "Brad Pitt" don’t usually seem to go together, considering the gorgeous, talented actor, loving father and generous humanitarian seems to be anything but. However, the star of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button says …
Ryan Seacrest Slated to Replace Larry King
Sources close to American Idol host (and radio host, and occasional actor) Ryan Seacrest confirm to OK! that he is oh-so-close to being named as the replacement for CNN chat legend Larry King when the 74-year-old’s contract expires in …
'I'd Sign Kristy, Not Jason,' Says Randy
Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell are never stingy with their opinions on American Idol. But words are cheap, and for businessmen like Randy and Simon, it’s the bucks that count in show biz. So whatever he might say on …
Crucial Snoop Dogg Vote Still Up for Grabs
While celebs like Oprah, Scarlett Johanssen and Chuck Norris have already pledged their support to various Republican and Democrat candidates, rapper and porn entrepreneur Snoop Dogg’s allegiances remain elusive.   In an exclusive interview with Larry King, airing this …