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Celebrity: Sarah Silverman

Hot Shots! 3/10/08-3/16/08
Why Did Britney Bomb?
The Britney Blame Game
There’s been quite a fallout since Britney’s performance at Sunday’s VMAs. After Britney’s not-so-comeback performance, everyone is pointing fingers to who is to blame for the demise of Britney. Let’s take a look at the alleged culprits in Britney’s performance. Some are blaming Criss Angel for not including his illusions in the performance. According to Read More
J.C. Chasez Evades the Britney Question
It’s okay, J.C., you can say it. J.C. Chasez caught last night’s MTV Video Music Awards and was left impressed by many and unimpressed by, well, you can probably guess who. But nice guy that he is, the former Mouseketeer dodged the question when OK! asked him at Jill Stuart’s fashion show who he thought Read More
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