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Big Brother

Big Brother Season 9 - Live FinaleBig Brother Season 9 - Live Finale

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‘Big Brother,’ ‘Master Chef’ And More To Watch On TV Tonight!
Here's what to watch on TV tonight!
Big Brother Recap: Things Are Not Looking Good for Frankie Grande
The weird twist of Big Brother 16 came to fruition last night, as the housemates found out that their prior week’s worth of work got completely erased. They even competed in the same Head of Household competition as they did …
Big Brother Recap: Someone Got Engaged LIVE on Air
As this season of Big Brother winds down, honestly, there’s less and less going on. Last night’s HoH competition went unsurprisingly to Frankie, and even less shockingly, he nominated Cody and Victoria for the chopping block. OK! News: It’s …
Big Brother Recap: Here's What Happened With That Double Eviction
Two ladies got sent packing on last night’s Big Brother double eviction. We can’t say we were too surprised that Nicole got sent home, but Christine? Well, let’s just say that the newest PoV departure from the house wasn’t exactly …
Big Brother Recap: Last Night's PoV Competition Was The Bomb (Literally)
Out of all the PoV competitions we’ve seen thus far this season on Big Brother, last night’s kind of seemed the most fun. The army-themed game tested the players’ memory, and after many rounds of eliminations, Christine finally won …
Big Brother Recap: Team America Couldn't Save Donny
Are you sad that Donny Thompson got evicted last night? Perhaps the nicest player in Big Brother history is dunzo, and it’s really sad news. But here’s the silver lining—Donny’s reality TV career might be over for now, but he’s …
Big Brother Recap: Nicole Is Back!
On last night’s Big Brother episode, Nicole won the competition to return to the house. Welcome back! You win an awkward accidental kiss with Jocasta for your troubles. Hey, signing up for a reality show means capturing all those awkward …
Big Brother Recap: Zach Is Out
Oh no, Zach! Big Brother‘s latest elimination took out Zach, a fan favorite. He gave the world “fruit loop dingus” and so many other gems, and he will be sorely missed. OK! News: Find out why Cindy Crawford …
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Big Brother Recap: Zach Has Some Fun
Almost too much happened this past weekend in the Big Brother house, and it’s been hard to contain it all in one-hour episodes! Zach is fast emerging as one of the most entertaining characters on the show, even though his …
Big Brother Recap: Christine Is No One's Favorite
On last night’s Big Brother, Christine set herself apart as one of the more unpleasant people in the house. Despite being married, she’s been flirting up a storm with Cody, and then last night she blew one of the …
Big Brother Recap: Zombies Come to the House
Things got pretty spooky on Big Brother last night. First there was the unanimous eviction of Nicole, right there halfway through the episode, then there were the zombies. The house might have enjoyed all the creepy competition, but it freaked …
Big Brother Recap: Everyone Wants to Talk About Ariana Grande
Last night’s episode of Big Brother contained yet more fall-out after the revelation that Frankie Grande‘s little sister is none other than pop star Ariana Grande. Now the attitude toward Frankie has changed… though most of the competitors …
Big Brother Recap: Donny and Nicole Get Revenge During The Nomination Ceremony
Last night’s nomination ceremony on Big Brother 16 was quite entertaining. Donny and Nicole made some interesting movies, and Frankie seems like he could be in trouble… OK! News: Beyonce Addresses the Elevator Incident In Her New Song What …
Big Brother Recap: Who Made It To The (Rodeo-Themed) Chopping Block?
Last night’s Big Brother was one big rodeo, basically. We’ve never heard the term “beastmode cowboy” used more in one day, or ever, than we did last night! Teen Mom 2 Recap: Leah Calvert Overdoses on Anxiety Pills So, what …
Big Brother Recap: Zach Goes On an Insane Power Trip
Zach Attack was in full swing again last night on Big Brother, as he went on an insane power trip during the nominations ceremony. So, who’d he nominate? What happened during that crazy wedding-themed competition? WATCH The Full Trailer …
Big Brother Recap: Frankie Grande Finds Out About His Grandfather's Death on Live ...
Caleb made a drastic move during last night’s World Cup-themed Power of Veto competition on Big Brother—he gave up immunity for $5,000 bucks! Good move? Or bad move? OK! News: Ariana Grande’s Heartbreaking Tweets About Her Grandfather’s Death…
Big Brother Recap: The Least Shocking House Eviction Ever
Well, it’s  unanimous—everyone—literally, wanted Devin evicted from the Big Brother 16 house. And in that the houseguests succeeded, as Devin got evicted by an 11-0 vote, making this the second consecutive unanimous eviction of the season. OK! Exclusive: See …
Big Brother Recap: Who Got Evicted Last Night?
Going into last night’s episode of Big Brother, we were pretty unsure who would be the second person evicted from the #BB16 household. Was it going to be Zach or Paola? And how did Derrick, perhaps this season’s villain …
Big Brother Recap: What's Going On Between Devin and Brittany?
Well, last night’s Big Brother sure was intense! Devin and Brittany had quite the convo—not to mention that PoV competition was rather dramatic. So, what went down? WATCH: Kenya Moore Reacts to Apollo Nida’s Sentence Click on over to…
Big Brother Recap: Devin Calls an Important House Meeting
Could Devin already be the Big Brother 16 villain? We’re only a few weeks in and already, he called a house meeting! OK! News: Get Details on our Pretty Little Liars Scavenger Hunt! Get details on Devin’s order of …