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Black Sheep!

Meet The ‘Other’ Duggars — Here’s The Family You Won’t See On TV
Not all of the members of the ever-growing clan are law-abiding citizens.

Money, Money, Money

Find Out How Much The Duggars Get Paid!
The TV family is reportedly making millions off their reality show.

Down & Dirty!

Jim Bob Duggar Gets X-RATED In Birthday Tribute To Wife Michelle
They’re long past the days of side-hugs.

Baby-Making Time

Hear What The Duggars Have To Say About Joe & Kendra's Rush Wedding
‘Be fruitful and multiply!’

Cashing In!

The Duggars Just Bought SIX Private Planes & You’ll Never Guess From Whom
The reality TV family is living it up in the lap of luxury.

This Is Not A Joke

Jim Bob & Michelle Are Ready To Teach You How To Duggar With A ‘Grandparenting’ Class...
Find out where to sign up!

Greedy Much?

Fans BASH Duggars For Flaunting Luxurious Lifestyle
The family recently flew to church on their private plane.
Joseph Duggar Engaged Kendra Caldwell Square

Uh Oh!

Fans SLAM Duggar Family For Name Calling Future Daughter-In-Law Kendra Caldwell
‘…women in this cult are treated like the possessions of men.’

Get All The Details

Duggar Wedding? You Won’t Believe Who Just Tied The Knot!
The whole family was in tow for the special day.

Trouble In Paradise!

Duggar Fans Think Austin Forsyth Is Too Controlling Of Joy-Anna
He’s ‘just as big of a control freak [as] Jim Bob.’

Juicy Details!

Michelle Duggar Tells-All About Her Relationship With Husband Jim Bob
The reality star has 100 things she wants you to know about their love!


Michelle Duggar In A Bikini? Inside The ‘19 Kids & Counting’ Star’s Hot & Spicy Vacay...
Find out what went down on her romantic getaway with her husband Jim Bob.

That Was Fast!

Is Joy-Anna Duggar Pregnant? Jim Bob Teases Baby Announcement
The newlywed’s big news could be on the next season of ‘Counting On.’

Duggars Gone Wild!

Jim Bob & Michelle Let Loose On Their Hawaiian Vacation!
Inside their scandalous anniversary trip.

Duggars Return!

The New ‘Counting On’ Trailer Will Leave You Speechless
Season 3 looks like it’s going to be one for the books!

Cuteness Overload!

14 Times The Younger Duggars Stole The Show
The TV family’s littlest members sure know how to capture the spotlight!

8 & Counting!

Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Want 200 Grandkids —Seriously!
See the conservative couple make the shocking confession.

Sex, Lies & More!

8 Times The Duggars Broke The Internet – Inside The Family’s Biggest Scandals
They've definitely gotten their hands dirty quite a few times.

‘Train Them Young!’

Duggars SLAMMED By Fans For Putting Toddlers On Cleaning Duty
‘Teaching them to be their parent's little slave.’

Wet & Wild Duggars!

The Family Let Loose For Some Good Ol’ Summer Fun!
They sure know how to party.