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Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia Bailey & Peter Thomas Divorce UpdatesCynthia Bailey & Peter Thomas Divorce Updates

Over It!?

Cynthia Bailey Spends The Weekend In New York City Amid Peter Thomas Divorce Drama!
Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas are adding to their divorce rumors!
Cynthia Bailey Divorce Updates

Over It!

Cynthia Bailey Fuels Divorce Scandal With Her Latest Instagram Posts
Cynthia Bailey is remaining quiet on the status of her marriage!
Cynthia Bailey Peter Thomas Divorce Updates Stress

Marriage Meltdown!?

Cynthia Bailey Teases Peter Thomas Marriage Troubles In Instagram Post
Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas may still be facing some marriage issues!
Cynthia Bailey Misses Peter Thomas Club Opening Party


Cynthia Bailey Misses Peter Thomas’ Club One Opening In Charlotte!
Cynthia Bailey wasn’t photographed at Peter Thomas new club opening!
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OK! Exclusive!

Cynthia Bailey Defends Kim Fields’ After Her Troubled ‘RHOA’ Debut!
Cynthia Bailey has revealed she has tons of love for Kim Fields!
Cynthia Bailey Divorce Single Updates

Single Lady!

Cynthia Bailey And Peter Thomas’ Divorce Scandal Updates Are Revealed!
Cynthia Bailey isn’t slowing down after her split from Peter Thomas!
Peter Thomas & Cynthia Bailey Feuding Divorce Updates

Holding On!

Peter Thomas Wants To Work Out His Marriage Issues With Cynthia Bailey
Peter Thomas and Cynthia Bailey are still dealing with some major issues!
Cynthia Bailey Fights Peter Thomas

Breaking Point!

Cynthia Bailey Fights With Peter Thomas Over Planned Charlotte Move In 'RHOA' Clip!
Cynthia Bailey doesn’t have time for Peter Thomas’ latest relocation plans!
Cynthia Bailey ‘Trusts’ NeNe Leakes

OK! Exclusive Video!

Cynthia Bailey Reveals That She Still 'Trusts’ NeNe Leakes After Their 'RHOA' Feud!
Cynthia Bailey and NeNe Leakes friendship may finally be back on track!
Cynthia Bailey Peter Thomas Divorce UpdatesCynthia Bailey Peter Thomas Divorce Updates

Done For Good!?

Cynthia Bailey And Peter Thomas’ Biggest Marriage Scandals Exposed!
Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas have had a rocky marriage!
Peter Thomas Happy Cynthia Bailey Friends NeNe Leakes

OK! Exclusive!

Cynthia Bailey Reveals Peter Thomas Is Glad She Fixed Her NeNe Leakes Friendship!
Cynthia Bailey is sharing new details about her reconciliation with NeNe Leakes!
Cynthia Bailey Responds Peter Thomas Divorce Updates

Are They Done!?

Cynthia Bailey Responds To Peter Thomas Divorce Rumors!
Cynthia Bailey is holding strong amid her latest round of marriage troubles!

Cynthia Slams Porsha

Cynthia Bailey And Porsha Williams Battle Over Peter Thomas In ‘RHOA’ Reunion Clip!...
Porsha Williams continues to accuse Peter Thomas of cheating on Cynthia Bailey!

Are They Over!?

Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas discuss their marriage in ‘RHOA’ Reunion clip!
Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas may still be facing some marriage issues!

NeNe Steps In!

NeNe Leakes Encouraged Cynthia Bailey To Stay With Peter Thomas!
Cynthia Bailey has revealed how NeNe Leakes helped her with her marriage problems!
Cynthia Bailey Kim Kardashian Meetup Dinner

Girls' Night Out!

Cynthia Bailey And Kim Kardashian Had A Night Out In Los Angeles!
Cynthia Bailey is living it up as she prepares for the ‘RHOA’ Season 8 reunion show!

Cynthia's Surprise!

Cynthia Bailey Treats Peter Thomas To A Massage In ‘RHOA’ Clip!
Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas seem to be moving forward after their troubles!

Cynthia Disses Kim!

Cynthia Bailey Takes A Joking Dig At Kim Fields In 'RHOA' Clip!
Cynthia Bailey isn't too impressed with Kim Fields' voiceover skills!
Cynthia Bailey Eyewear Commercial Video

OK! Exclusive Video!

Cynthia Bailey’s Eyewear Commercial Has Been Released — See The Exclusive Video!
Cynthia Bailey’s commercial for her eyewear line is finally here!